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How to Clean Suede UGGs

How to Clean Suede UGGs

UGG boots are made of suede and sheepskin, and can get dirty easily. Try to protect your boots from the elements if you can, but there are some ways to clean them should they become soiled. To keep your UGGs spotless, purchase a water repellent spray for your boots to avoid future mishaps and keep your boots looking new for longer.



    Wet your boots by hand using warm water. Clean them with a soft sponge or brush (a nail brush or shoe brush will work) and a soap that is made especially for wool. Using a different sponge, rinse the boots with cool water.


    Dry the boots overnight in an airy space. Don't let your boots get near any heat sources or place them into the dryer. You can wrinkle up newspaper or tissue paper to put inside the boots while they dry to hold their shape.


    Brush your boots with a small shoe brush to restore the suede. It may look a bit different after your boots have been cleaned but should regain its normal appearance.

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