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How Tight Should my Uggs Fit?

Getting a pair of UGGs puts you in with the fashion crowd. Knowing how to wear them and what looks good with them adds to the benefit of owning them. UGGs are made of Australian double-faced merino sheepskin. Because they are double-sided, they are also very thick. This thickness creates a few fashion challenges, especially with pants and jeans. Making sure the boots fit well is of greater importance than the actual fit around the calf.

Fit the Feet First

    While UGGs are very fashionable, remember that the best benefit of wearing them is the comfort they provide. Make sure your pair of boots fits your foot width, length and toes nicely. Try on a different style if the boot doesn't fit you to perfection. Inquire of the associate if they stretch or give at all after a few wears. Most UGG boots do stretch out in the toes some.

Wear Your Normal Style

    People wear UGGs over and outside of pants to show them off. As such, skinny jeans, tights and shorts are popular to wear with your new foot fashion. When trying on your UGGs, be sure to wear the pants you wear the most often to accompany the UGGs.

Ask for Options

    Try on a few different styles to see how each fits your calves. UGGs have a lot of space at the ankles in general. This takes a bit of getting used to. Find a style that works for you. The tightness of your UGGs should work for you. Some shorter boot versions remain extremely loose all the way to the top. Taller versions, especially those with laces, are tighter. Each style has its own benefits. Find the style that works best for you.

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