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How to Convert Women's Shoe Size to Men's Shoe Size Using a Chart

How to Convert Women's Shoe Size to Men's Shoe Size Using a Chart

Cross the boundaries between men's and women's shoes with ease when you understand how to convert shoe sizes. Use a chart to help you convert women's shoe sizes to men's shoe sizes. Once you see how the gender sizing converts on the chart and you learn about other differences between the shapes and sizes of men's feet and women's feet, you will be able to more easily convert shoe sizes between genders.



    Understand that U.S. women's shoes are listed as 1.5 sizes larger than U.S. men's shoes. For example, a woman's size 7 shoe converts to a men's size 5.5 shoe; a woman's size 8.5 shoe converts to a men's size 7 shoe.


    Visit to view a chart that shows international shoe sizing conversion information.


    Find the U.S. and Canada section of the chart. This section is separated into two sections---M for men and W for women. View the sizing for women as you look across the chart horizontally and then look immediately above each size to find the comparable size in men's shoes.


    Notice the European sizing at the top of the chart and compare it to U.S. sizing. European sizing is unisex--there is no differentiation between sizing for genders. For example, a European size of 40 converts to a U.S. size 7.5 for men and size 9 for women.


    Realize that straight conversion between men and women's shoes sizes may not result in an accurate fit. A woman's foot is narrower than a man's foot at the Achilles tendon, the heel and the ball of the foot. Women also usually have a higher arch, a higher instep and longer toes than men.

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How to Choose Comfortable yet Stylish Women's Shoes

How to Choose Comfortable yet Stylish Women's Shoes

The right shoes can make or break an otherwise cute outfit. Whether it's classic black pumps for work, metallic strappy sandals for going out or adorably detailed flats for everyday wear, finding stylish and comfortable shoes can be a chore. Walking, dancing or standing in stylish, but uncomfortable, shoes can be painful for your feet. Choosing comfortable and stylish women's shoes requires creativity, an eye for detail, patience and quite a bit of shopping.



    Flip through several recent copies of women's magazines that focus on fashion or celebrities. Clip out any examples of cute shoes that celebrities or models are wearing that you like. Make sure to clip out the Appendix at the back of the magazine telling you where to buy those shoes from.


    Research your selected shoes, or any similar looking shoes, on popular shopping websites. Many of these websites have user reviews of women's shoes that can provide you with an accurate reading on how comfortable each shoe is. Make sure to read these reviews thoroughly, as every foot is different and one person might have problems with a specific shoe while the majority do not. Choose several pairs that are cute and have good reviews for comfort.


    Look up the closest local shoe or department stores in your area. Call each store to find out if they have your chosen shoe styles in stock. If the store has your shoes in stock, and in your size, go to that store.


    Go to your local shoe store and get a salesperson to accurately measure the length, width and shape of your foot. Knowing these attributes will allow you to choose a shoe that fits right and is highly comfortable. In fact, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 88 percent of women wear shoes that are too small, and up to 90 percent of foot pain is caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes.


    Try on each pair of shoes that you have picked out from your local stores. Make sure they fit well and are made with good quality materials. Look for cracked leather or poorly sewn seams on shoes to tell if they are quality products. Look for shoes with shock-absorbent soles and good padding for added comfort. Make sure to walk around the store in each pair for at least several minutes. Take special note of how your toes fit into the shoes, as cramped toes can cause blisters or even painful hammertoes.


    Look at yourself in the mirror while you are wearing each pair of shoes. If they are comfortable, take a long look at the front, side and back of the shoes while you are wearing them. This can help you determine if they look good and will go well with a number of outfits. If you like the look of them, and they are still comfortable after several minutes of wear, buy them.

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How to Make a Pair of Man's Shoes Look Like Woman's Shoes

How to Make a Pair of Man's Shoes Look Like Woman's Shoes

Finding the perfect fit in a shoe can be difficult. Sometimes finding the best fit for a woman means shopping in the men's section of the shoe department. Once that ideal shoe has been found, however, it may need some dressing up to make it appear more feminine. Simply adding different accessories to the upper part of the shoe can work wonders in making a man's shoe look like a woman's shoe.



    Attach a silk flower to a pair of shoe clips using a hot glue gun. Hold the flower by the petals and place a dab of glue to the base of the flower. Press the base of the flower onto the clip. Allow the glue to dry and attach the clip to the ridge of the vamp. Other variations that can be glued include large beads or ribbon bows.


    Replace shoelaces on sports shoes with feminine colors, such as lavender or pink. Shoe laces with threads that glitter also appear more girly.


    Attach rhinestones to fringe with a hot glue gun. A popular men's style includes leather fringe across the upper part of the shoe. The fringe is about 3-inches across (depending on the foot width) and about 1-inch long. Run a thin line of hot glue down each strand. Use tweezers to hold the rhinestones as you place each rhinestone on the glue.

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Stiletto Heels & Pumps

Stiletto Heels & Pumps

High heels and stiletto shoes have fascinated both men and women for all of modern history, and date back thousands of years. Women feel more confident when wearing them as their legs are lengthened and their posture straightened. Men enjoy the pedestal effect that high heels give the female form, on display for all to admire. While shoes are primarily for protection, the high heel is nothing if not a decorative celebration of female beauty.


    High heels have been depicted on Egyptian walls as far back as 4000 BCE. It's a long road from then to the heels and stilettos we wear today, and the most significant developments occurred through the footwear choices of kings and queens. As their shoe soles rose in height, so did the fashion for their subjects. It is rumored that Leonardo Da Vinci invented what became our modern high heel for Catherine De Medici's wedding in 1553. By the late eighteenth century, two-inch heels were de rigueur for Marie Antoinette who wore them to her execution. By the early twentieth century, "pumps" were invented in Britain and become popular in the United States, raising heel height one to two inches. And in 1955 the famous stiletto was born with Roger Vivier designing for the house of Christian Dior.

Heels versus Stilettos

    The term "heels" is used generically and interchangeably to describe all shoes that have a heel lifting the foot from the ground. This can be a half-inch heel or it can be several inches. There are many different types of soles that lift the foot off the ground, such as wedges that can be two to five inches tall or chunky, and thick heels that can vary in height as well. These shoes differ from stilettos in that a stiletto has a specific heel that is typically three to six inches tall. A stiletto heel cannot be a wedge, or chunky; it is a thin spike. Stilettos are usually strappy sandals that show the top of the foot and the toes or they are closed like a pump, but with pointed toes.

Popular Brand Names

    In the latter part of the twentieth century and into the first decade of the twenty-first century there have been several shoemakers who have made a name for themselves with the quality and look of their heels. Manolo Blahnik became popularized from the HBO show "Sex and the City," and is known for a chic, sophisticated silhouette. Jimmy Choo is a brand name owned by a woman and is well known for its stilettos and the sex appeal of its strappy, delicate sandals. Christian Louboutain made his high heels unique for displacing the pointy toe, and instead using a round one. He then added a platform to the front of the shoe, allowing for a very high heel that is more wearable. The signature of Louboutain's shoes are his candy apple red sole, on every pair. These designer heels retail for anywhere from $300 to $3,000.

Pluses of Wearing Heels

    Although it is debated, some speculate that high heels help to tone the calves and buttocks of those who wear them. The balancing required to walk without falling causes those areas to remain tense throughout wearing. The back is forced to arch and the hips to sway back and forth, which conveys sex appeal. Because of the balancing act required to wear high heels, the posture of the wearer is often improved; the shoulders are straighter and squared to offset the minimal area on the bottom of the foot.

Minuses of Wearing Heels

    As a negative, most podiatrists do not recommend prolonged wearing of high heels--many women wear them frequently from the time they are teenagers until they are senior citizens. High heels do not have the proper support for your feet and cause them to be shaped in an unnatural way that can cause permanent damage to the internal structure of the foot. They can cause external foot injuries, some that are very painful and time consuming to fix.

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How to Measure a Women's Large Shoe Size & Width

How to Measure a Women's Large Shoe Size & Width

Measuring shoes size is important to overall body health. When shoes are too small, too tight or pinch in areas because they are not wide enough, discomfort can lead to painful blisters or even injuries, depending on the type of shoe. Shoes that are too large can result in terrible falls or other similar injuries. A women's shoe is sometimes dangerous, especially when the shoe is a high heel, and wearing the appropriate size can make a huge difference in a woman's health. This is especially important for women that have large, wide feet and have difficulty finding shoes in an appropriate size.



    Sit in a chair and place your foot on the paper. The paper should be large enough for your entire foot to fit with extra room for tracing. Make sure your leg is straight to avoid problems tracing the foot.


    Trace your foot. It is important to trace your entire foot to record the widest part and longest part of your foot. Trace from the heel of your foot to your toes.


    Place your other foot on a second paper and trace your second foot. Foot sizes can differ slightly between the left and right foot, so both feet should be measured.


    Use a ruler to make a line at the tips of your foot. The heel, tips of your toes and the tips of both sides of your foot, at the widest point, should be marked. Measure the width and length of your foot. If in the U.S., measure in inches to get an accurate sizing.


    Look at a shoe-size chart to determine the shoe size of both feet. A woman that wears a size 10 shoe in length should have a measurement of 10 and 1/3 inches for the largest foot. Half size increases will measure 1/6 of an inch for each added half a size. The width size will be marked in letters, such as AA, rather than numbers, so a size 10 wide shoe would be marked as 10 EE for a size 10 length and approximately 4.5-inch width. Like the length shoe chart, the width chart should be used to determine the exact lettering. The width letters start from AA or AAA, depending on the brand, and get wider through EE or EEE.


    Find or order shoes in the appropriate shoe size and width. Some shoes will need to be custom ordered to have the appropriate shoe sizes if they cannot be found in stores.

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