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How to Tell Authentic Uggs

Genuine Ugg sheepskin boots are usually fairly expensive. They're warm, light and comfortable to wear, making the high cost worth it for many buyers. Buying real Ugg boots can be difficult now that they're popular, though. The market is full of imitations that don't provide the same quality of construction, comfort and long life that the real thing offers. Fortunately, it's not difficult to tell whether a boot is authentic or a fake, as long as you know what to look for.



    Examine the tag on the boots. Real Uggs are made in China by a U.S.-owned company called Deckers. Ugg boots are no longer made in Australia. If a boot claims to have been made anywhere other than China, it is likely a fake.


    Feel the sheepskin. Ugg Australia uses only double-faced sheepskin in its boots. Authentic double-faced sheepskin is dense and soft and has been tanned on both the skin and fleece sides. Many imitations use single-faced sheepskin, which has not been tanned on the skin side and may be unevenly dyed or marked. Some imitation Uggs also use pigskin, an inferior lightweight leather with many tiny holes.


    Check the tread. Authentic Ugg boots have a zigzag tread pointing toward the center of the boot. The Ugg logo should be imprinted in the boot center. Look on the official Ugg website to learn what an authentic sole pattern should look like.


    Evaluate the stitching. Genuine Ugg boots should have tight, neat stitching that matches the color of the boot. A boot with poorly done stitching is probably a reproduction.


    Check the paperwork. Authentic Ugg boots come with a one-year warranty against defective workmanship and materials.


    Smell the boots. Authentic footwear from Ugg Australia should not have a chemical smell if it has never been worn. Imitations often have a distinctive dye or paint smell.

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Platform Sneakers Information

Platform Sneakers Information

Platform sneakers look like regular sneakers, but are more colorful and daring in appearance. Many have a springy, high rubber sole combined with a round, chunky appearance. Popularized during the rave heyday of the 1990s, platform sneakers still have a loyal following among alternative fashion lovers. Most of the shoes sell through Internet sources, but some store still carry the shoes in general stock.


    Platform sneakers are an artistic variety of footwear that is, for the most part, unsuited for sports or fitness activity. However, these shoes are very comfortable and are favorites among young people and alternative fashion denizens. Often, the thicker platform sole pads the foot well, but the chunky design and taller height may increase the danger of accidental falls. Depending on the design and materials, platform sneakers may be worn year round; one company, Volatile, makes winter varieties lined in polar fleece.


    A platform sneaker will have an upper that resembles a conventional sneaker. The biggest difference is the rubber sole, which ranges from 2 to 4 inches in height. The upper may be composed of fashion fabrics, with rhinestones or patches to enhance the design. Most of these shoes are light to medium in weight, and cause no additional strain on the wearer. Popular brands include Demonia, Volatile and Swear.

Use in Alternative Fashion

    Platform shoes closely resemble Japanese anime footwear; because of this, young men and women use the shoes in cosplay outfits and club ensembles. One popular look is to layer an anime-style legwarmer over the platform sneaker, leaving little more than the sole and a bit of the upper sticking out. Other people wear the sneakers with boot-cut or flared jeans. In most cases, the bulk of the upper is concealed by clothing, with few wearing the shoes in plain, complete sight.


    During the raver fad of the mid to late 1990s, platform shoes were widely available in mall shops. Nowadays, most consumers have to resort to online stores for their platform sneaker fix. In alternative fashion centers like New York and Tokyo, it's still possible to walk into a store and buy a pair; however the selection is greatly diminished. The most high-end brand of platform sneakers, Swear Alternative, was crafted in London until 2001. After that, the brand stopped production, rendering many of the $200+ pairs instant collectors' items.


    Platform sneakers are for fashion use, not athletic wear. Due to the thickness of the sole, there's little movement through the foot while taking a step. Therefore, one could easily sustain an injury during athletic activities when wearing platform sneakers. Also, the increased height can cause missteps, slips and trips. They're not the best shoe for children, or those with back and foot problems. It's also best to try on a pair of platform shoes before purchasing to see if they fit and feel comfortable. Adjusting to the platform takes time, and some may not like the sensation of so much spring and buoyancy while walking.

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Definition of Espadrille

Definition of Espadrille

Espadrilles are shoes that are commonly worn by both hippies and the fashion forward. While they are easily recognizable today, it is hard to believe that espadrilles have such a long history: from a 4,000 year-old-skeleton to a 13th-century soldier, the legacy of the handmade espadrille lives on.

Who Wears Espadrilles?

    Espadrilles are worn by both men and women. Originally, the shoes were worn by both sexes, though the modern platform espadrilles are more feminine. Spanish peasants wore and made Espadrilles themselves, weaving the strong straw soles and sewing the fabric tops together. Today, espadrilles are a soft, casual fashion statement, worn by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Klum and produced by fashion designers like Yves St. Laurent and Ralph Lauren.

What are Espadrilles?

    Espadrilles are traditionally flat shoes, produced in natural colors. The soles of espadrilles are usually made out of straw or wood, and the tops of the espadrilles are made out of fabric, usually cotton. Espadrilles were originally made by hand, and handmade espadrilles are still relatively easy to find. The company Creation Catalane, for example, is owned by two French women who make the espadrilles by hand. Creation Catalane has been around and creating espadrilles for more than 150 years. Today, espadrilles are made in platform styles in addition to flat, and feature dyed fabrics in addition to more natural colors.

Where did Espadrilles Originate?

    Espadrilles were originally made in France and Spain. In Spain, espadrilles are known as "espardenyes." Espadrilles were produced in the Catalonia region of Spain, and also in the mid-Pyrenees in France.

When Were Espadrilles First Made?

    A style of shoes believed to be similar to espadrilles were discovered in a Spanish cave and dated back almost 4,000, but espadrilles truly took off as a style in the 1200s, where they were worn by soldiers for centuries. Espadrilles moved from functional to fashionable in the 1950s, when Yves St. Laurent modified the shoe, adding ribbon and platforms to the original style.

Why are they Called Espadrilles?

    The name espadrille comes from "esparto," the Spanish name for the plant that the shoes soles are made out of. Currently, though, espadrilles are made out of other materials in addition to the traditional esparto and cloth. Some espadrilles have rubber soles, others have tops made of canvas or cotton. Because espadrilles are made out of fabric and plant matter, they are best worn in hot, dry climates and it is not advisable to wear them in wet weather or near water.

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How to Replace Heels on Women's Dress Shoes

Womens dress shoes are bound to lose heels occasionally. With everyday wear and tear, high heels can wear down and eventually break loose from the shoe, potentially causing you to take an awkward stumble. A heel that falls off womens dress shoes isnt reason enough to buy a new pair of shoes. Instead, save money and replace the broken high heel with a new one.



    Find a new heel thats the same size and shape as the heel on your other shoe if you have to replace the high heel. An identical heel is essential to make sure the shoes feel the same when you walk. One shoe that feels differently from the other could be a tripping hazard.


    Scrape the old glue off the broken high heel. Use a razor blade to scrape it off, or you may have luck peeling the glue away. Its important to remove all of the high heel glue to ensure the new glue adheres well.


    Apply a generous amount of adhesive to the tip of the heel where it attaches to the shoe. You can use high heel glue, super glue, all-purpose glue or carpenters glue although youll likely have a more secure fit if you use super glue.


    Press the glued end of the broken high heel to the bottom of your shoe. Hold it there until the glue creates a strong seal.


    Wipe any excess glue off the shoe using a damp cloth.


    Allow the glue to dry overnight.


    Hammer shoe nails through the heel and into the sole of the shoe. You can buy shoe nails at a local shoe repair shop.

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How to Clean Red Satin Shoes Without Leaving Water Marks

Red satin shoes are a stylish and innovative shoe choice, whether they are ballet slippers or high heels. However stylish this fabric might be, however, it will endure the natural wear and tear of the street life. This wear and tear may leave stains and marks on the satin, and standard cleaning methods can easily leave watermarks behind on the fabric. Clean red satin shoes with the right materials to lessen your chance of watermarks.



    Moisten a soft cloth and dip it in OxiClean powder.


    Apply the OxiClean powder over the red satin material in a gentle circular motion. Use more pressure to remove stains, but go over the entire material with the OxiClean. Wetting the entire surface will prevent watermarks from appearing.


    Add water to a dry cloth and remove the OxiClean with it. Do not rinse the satin directly with water or you may damage the material.


    Wipe the red satin shoes with a dry cloth after removing all the OxiClean to remove any excess water. Use a hair dryer on the red satin shoes for several minutes to speed the drying process and prevent watermarks from forming.

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How to Tell If Ugg Boots Are Fake

Uggs are trendy sheepskin boots, renowned for their comfort, warmth and durability. This stylish cold-weather footwear, which originated in the sheep-shearing cultures of New Zealand and Australia, is now manufactured by Deckers Inc. (an American company) in China. According to FakeNot.com, although Deckers owns the Ugg trademark, Australians refuse to accept it, believing the name is synonymous with sheepskin boots in general. This has led to the manufacturing of imitation Ugg boots. By inspecting boots carefully and recognizing some common telltale signs of knockoffs, youll be able to buy authentic Uggs with confidence.



    Examine the stitching of the boots for any unevenness and irregularities, which would indicate that they are fake.


    Look inside of the boots for a label that reads "Made in China," which means they are authentic. If the label states they were manufactured in Australia, New Zealand or anyplace else, the boots are fake. Check to make sure there are no blue labels on either the interior or exterior of the boots; authentic Ugg boots never have blue-colored labels.


    Feel the outside of the boots to make sure they're covered in genuine sheepskin and not fake fur. Real sheepskin is soft and flat, while fake sheepskin has a fluffier feel. Rub the boots with your hand. Fake fur will disintegrate a bit when rubbed. Smell the boots to see if you can detect a scent of dye. Dye is used on the exterior of fake Ugg boots.


    Measure the sole thickness of the boots. The sole on authentic Ugg boots is a half-inch or thicker, while the sole on fake Ugg boots is much thinner. Check the bottom of the soles for a raised Ugg insignia, which is on all genuine Ugg boots. The Ugg label on the rear of the boots is higher on the heel of fake Ugg boots and contains irregular, overlapping lettering.


    Check the specific color of the boots. If they are referred to as camel-colored on the label, they are fake. True Ugg boots don't come in that color.


    Check the care booklet that comes with the boots. It should be square, white and have the words "UGG Australia" embossed on the front in gold. Fake Ugg boots comes with care booklets in silver with low-quality printing. The photographs in the authentic care booklet are clear and sharp. The photographs in the fake care booklet are blurry and unclear with exaggerated colors.


    Examine the box in which the boots came. An authentic Ugg box is constructed out of sturdy cardboard and has an attached flip-open lid. The words "UGG Australia" are printed in the center of the lid. The authentic Ugg logo is a small orange sun that resembles a starburst.

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