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How to Clean Faux Leather Skechers Shoes

How to Clean Faux Leather Skechers Shoes

Faux or artificial leather is synthetic material made to look like leather. It is used to make the same items leather is used for, such as shoes, sofas, purses and jackets. However, unlike real leather, leather cleaners and conditioners are not needed. Faux leather easily can be cleaned using liquid dish soap and a soft cloth. Faux leather Skechers shoes should be cleaned as needed to remove spots, stains and dirt.


Cleaning Shoes


    Mix 1 tbsp. liquid dish washing soap in a bowl with 2 cups warm water.


    Dip a cloth or rag into the mixture. Rub the cloth in a back and forth motion on the shoes. Rub harder to remove more set in stains and stubborn dirt.


    Dip a medium-bristled brush into the mixture. Rub the brush into the soles of the shoes to remove dirt.


    Wipe the shoes and sole down with a damp cloth to remove all soap residue.


    Use a clean towel to polish and dry the shoes. This will remove any water spots.

Cleaning Shoe Laces


    If your Skechers are lace ups, remove the shoe laces--don't try to clean them while they are on the shoes.


    Fill the sink with a gallon of water as hot as you can stand to touch and add 1 tbsp. powdered or liquid laundry detergent. Place the shoelaces in the water and allow to soak for five minutes. Alternatively, you can throw the shoe laces in with your colored or white laundry in the washing machine.


    Use a sponge or soft-bristled brush to rub spots and stains away. Continue until the shoe laces are clean.


    Rinse the shoelaces in cool water to remove any soap residue. Allow the laces to air dry.

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How to Wear Waraji

How to Wear Waraji

Waraji, sandals hand woven from rice straw, date back more than 2,000 years. These rudimentary shoes were prevalent among Japanese commoners that couldn't afford the heavy wooden sole shoes of the aristocrats. The military also wore them, and as a result they measured certain distances by how many sandals a soldier would go through to reach a location. The straw sandals are still prevalent in contemporary Japanese culture, often worn over hiking boots to increase traction or as part of a monk's habit. Though there are many ways to tie the sandal, the most common involves the overlapping of two hemp ropes.



    Put on a pair of "tabi" socks, which is the traditional Japanese accessory worn with the waraji sandal. Like most sandals worn in Japan, people wear the waraji with this special sock, which has a special division for the big toe, helping it to work well with thong sandals. These socks are often fabricated out of cotton, though they are sometimes blended with polyester and nylon.


    Lace one of the waraji's hemp ropes through the loop located at the front of the shoe. Afterwards, put the rope through the first two loops along either side of the shoe. At the rear of the shoe, lace the second rope through the loop located at the center back of the sandal, before threading it through the two back loops located at the side of the shoe.


    Slip the foot into the sandal, placing the toes in between the front loop, so that the cord falls between the first and second toes. The straps of the sandal should fit like a flip flop. Push the foot up so that the toes extend about 1/4 inch over the shoe's sole, as waraji shoes are normally cut a bit small to accommodate this traditional aesthetic.


    Interlock the front rope with the back at the side of the sandal, in between the two side loops. Then thread the front rope back through the front loop, located on the side of the shoe. As a result, you should thread this loop twice with the front rope. Next, cross the straps over the top of the foot and wrap, before crisscrossing the rope around the ankle once. Tie the rope into a double knot.


    Pull the back laces towards the heel, before crossing them once, right above the heel and behind the ankle. Afterwards, wrap the laces around the ankle, crisscrossing them twice and tying them at the ankle in the front of the shoe. A double knot will secure the second rope and secure the straw sandal.

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How to Compare Cross Trainers, Running Shoes & Walking Shoes

How to Compare Cross Trainers, Running Shoes & Walking Shoes

The athletic shoe market is full of new innovations and old favorites that can make for quite a confusing shopping experience. Depending on your exercise activity, one shoe may be better than another at supporting your foot, controlling extraneous movement and preserving comfort. To satisfy all of these needs, athletic shoe designers have created styles for walking, running and cross-training (all-purpose fitness). To figure out which shoe fits your needs and feet best, it's necessary to do some detective work first.



    Match the shoe with an activity. Running shoes are built differently from walking shoes and cross-trainers, so it's important to be specific in your choice. According to Christina Frank of WebMD, "Walking shoes are stiffer; running shoes are more flexible, with extra cushioning to handle greater impact. If you do both activities, get a pair for each one."


    Leave vanity out of the equation. Purchasing a shoe because it looks hot is the fastest way to sore feet and injuries. The best shoe for your foot may be boring-looking, while a badly made shoe will have great style. Compare for how the shoe feels and is constructed, not how it appears.


    Look at the toe and sole if the box doesn't specify the shoe type. A running shoe has a toe that curls upward, along with a sole that thins out toward the toe. A cross-trainer will have a consistently thick sole, while a walking shoe is more stiff and rigid.


    Move in the shoe, making sure to pay attention to the feel of the shoe as the foot moves through its gait. The walking shoe will be firm to the feel, while the running shoe allows the foot to fluidly move and bend. A cross-trainer will be in the middle, but will be more padded.


    Purchase a cross-trainer for sports activities and general fitness. Cross-training shoes are designed for stop-and-go motion with more lateral movement, unlike a running shoe that is built for forward movement. Rick Alan of ThirdAge writes, "Unlike most other athletic activities, running is done in a continuous forward motion, requiring very little lateral movement and very little starting and stopping. In addition, running inflicts a great deal more continuous and sustained pounding on the feet than almost any other athletic activity." To prevent injury, buy a shoe that concentrates padding on the areas that need it the most.

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What Are Saddle Shoes?

Shoe styles come and go but saddle shoes have stood the test of time. They are versatile, stylish and appropriate for a variety of occasions.

What Are Saddle Shoes?

    A saddle shoe is a formal shoe that is two-toned and made of leather. The most common color scheme is black and white although other colors are available.

Standard Saddle Shoes

    In the most common variation the toe and back of the shoe are white and the middle part or instep of the shoe is black. This black part of the shoe that contains the eyelets somewhat resembles a saddle, which is where the name originated.

Saddle Shoe Variations

    Saddle shoes can be worn by both men and women. There are a variety of styles ranging from high-end versions for women to the always popular saddle style golf shoes.

Popularity of Saddle Shoes

    Saddle shoes were particularly popular in the 1950s and were commonly worn with a poodle skirt. Elvis Presley is credited with raising the profile of saddle shoes as he often wore them onstage. Their popularity died out for awhile around the 1970s but has been enjoying a comeback lately among young adults.

Saddle Shoes Today

    Despite their decline in popularity, saddle shoes are still available today at most shoe stores, a testament to their enduring popularity and timeless design.

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    CLASSIC SADDLE SHOES These are classic styles of saddle shoes for both men and women. All of our saddle shoes are of the highest quality with leather uppers and

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How to Choose Purple Shoes

How to Choose Purple Shoes

The right pair of shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe. A well fitted shoe in a color that you like can provide effective support for your feet and make you feel happy at the same time. Shoes can also add color to an otherwise subdued look. Children will enjoy a pair of lavender peep toes to help them celebrate Easter in style. Adults may look for a pair of sophisticated heels crafted from suede in the season's latest shade of plum or soft, subtle violet.



    Purchase shoes for the right occasion. If you are attending church, you may need a pair of shoes that give off a formal air such as maryjanes or pumps. A less formal occasion often calls for less formal shoes such as sandals and sneakers.


    Pick out a shade of purple. Pastel shades of lilac and mauve remind people of springtime. Deeper shades of purple such as indigo, royal, eggplant and amethyst are often used for a nighttime look. Lighter shades will tend to show dirt more easily. Consider buying such shoes in a less difficult to clean fabric such as cotton or leather. A darker shade of purple can be so dark as to be nearly black. Look at the shoe from a distance. See what color it looks like when viewed from a few feet away. If you want to stand out in a crowd or wear such shoes for a fun occasion such as Mardi Gras, buy them in a shinier fabric so the shade of purple will be more readily apparent.


    Have them dyed to match. If you can't find the shade of purple that you want to use, you can have your shoes customized to a specific shade. Bridesmaids are often request to wear shoes that exactly match the fabric on a dress. A bridal store can help you select the shade you want and then arrange for nearly any style of shoe in that shade of purple.


    Pair with the right accessories. A bright shade of purple can serve as a focal point. You can play this effect up with matching accessories such as a handbag and jewelry in the same shade. You can also play off the color using accessories in a less vivid shade. Another strategy is to purchase accessories in a complementary color. Purple shoes pair well with other items in shades of blue, green and gold.

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