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How to Wear Tall Flat Boots

Boot-wearing women have long been viewed as confident and stylish. Tall flat boots are among the many varieties of boots that make a flattering fashion statement. Whether paired with a flirty minidress or a pair of worn-in jeans, tall flat boots can add style to your outfit. Getting the most use from your boots requires a willingness to break away from rigidity. Display your adventurous nature while wearing a pair of tall flat boots.



    Find a pair of boots that fit. A poor fit can result in foot and leg discomfort and keep you from enjoying your boots. Common pressure points include the toes, ankles and calves. Although boots may need to be broken in for maximum comfort, your feet shouldn't feel cramped. The upper portion of the boot should fit against your leg without causing irritation or numbness. Because the dimensions of boots vary by manufacturer and style, it's important to try on boots prior to making a purchase.


    Channel your inner cowgirl. Boots have always been a staple in Western wear and continue to add flair to jean and leather outfits. Wearing accessories such as cowboy hats and lariats can make your tall flat boots look even more appealing. Leather, suede and jean boots make versatile choices when creating a western look. Add a retro jean jacket or bandanna to further accentuate your new style.


    Pair tall flat boots with a short dress or skirt. Wearing a minidress can display confidence as well as your stylish boots. Add different layers to give your outfit more definition. For example, wearing multiple necklaces of varying lengths can make your look even more eye-catching. Make an even bolder statement by wearing brightly colored boots with these outfits.


    Spice up formal attire. Ditching fancy heels for a pair of tall flat boots can easily make others take notice of your style. Experiment with the many varieties of boots available. For example, enhance monotone outfits by choosing boots with pearl accents or leather tassels. Upgrade sequined gowns with matching sequin boots.


    Opt for a pair of form-fitting jeans. Cigarette-cut and straight-leg jeans can be tucked inside tall flat boots. This helps show off the full beauty of your boots along with your shape. Boot-cut and flair-leg jeans also look stylish skimming the tops of tall flat boots. Take the length of the pant leg and the boot heel into consideration to avoid shredding the hemline of your favorite jeans.

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How to Buy Comfortable Flip Flops

Flip-flops can be very comfortable to wear if you buy the right pair. However, if you buy the wrong pair, be sure that your feet will be hurting later on.


How To Buy Comfortable Flip Flops


    Visit a store and head straight to their flip-flop section. Evaluate what they have and what colors and types that you are looking to buy.


    Check the thickness and material of the straps on the flip-flops. This is what is going to be in between your toes and is one thing that could cause cuts or blisters if you get flip flops that have uncomfortable straps. Obviously for sanitary reasons, you shouldn't try on flip-flops in the store, so take the strap and rub it along the inside edges of your fingers. If the fabric feels too rough on the inside of your fingers, chances are it will feel uncomfortable in between your toes. If the fabric of the strap is too thick, then chances are you could have some bunching will will definitely be uncomfortable.


    Check the material of the flip-flop. If you're feet get wet or they happen to sweat while you're wearing the flip-flops, you want to make sure that your feet are still going to be able to stay in the flip-flops and not slip out.


    Check the sturdiness of the straps on the flip-flop. If they look flimsy, then pass on them and go for another pair. If you're walking and the strap suddenly snaps off, you're in for a potential trip or fall.


    Make sure that you get the correct size. Ask a sales associate for help when it comes to purchasing a size of flip-flops. Some brands will run smaller then what you would normally get and some run bigger. The sales associate should have the knowledge of what brands run larger or smaller.

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Shoe Widths Explained

Shoe Widths Explained

Sometimes, shoes are worn only once because they're uncomfortable or they give the shoe wearer a blister. When trying on shoes, measure your foot to indicate exactly what size you wear. Length is not all that should be considered. Shoe widths should always be considered when buying a pair to get the perfect fit.

Shoe Widths Indicated by Letters

    Shoe widths are indicated by letters from the alphabet. In men's shoes, letters most commonly used are C, D and E. In women's shoes, the most common letters are AA and B. There are other letters used for extreme sizes, but they're harder to find.

Narrow Width Size

    Narrow widths in shoes are for people who have a narrower-than-average foot. In men, a narrow shoe width is defined by the letter B; in women's shoes, it's indicated by AA.

Medium Shoe Width

    Medium shoe widths are the most common size and considered the average or standard in the shoe industry. In men's shoes, the letter used is a D; for women, it's B.

Wide-Width Shoe

    Wide-width shoes are for people who have a foot that is wider than the average foot. When trying on a shoe, if the shoe size seems to fit but feels tight around the sides and even the toes, try a wide-width shoe. Wide width in men's shoes is indicated by the letter EE, in women's shoes a D.

Uncommon Foot Widths

    Most people wear an average, narrow or regular wide-width shoe. Less common widths are extra wide. These shoes are usually harder to find, and some people have to buy a large shoe size just to have the width fit comfortably. The extra-wide width shoes in men's sizes are indicated by an EEEE, and in women's an EE.

Measuring Your Size

    To measure your shoe size, place your foot on a piece of paper and draw around it. Measure the widest part of your foot width, then the length. Subtract .02 inch from each, and this will give you your foot size. Shoe widths range from 2.1 inches to 5.6 inches. The width widens as the shoe length size increases (see References for specific width charts).

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How to Figure Boys Shoes to Women Shoe Sizes

How to Figure Boys Shoes to Women Shoe Sizes

Women searching for a unique footwear option may consider wearing boy's shoes. Boy's shoes may provide a more rugged look than traditional women's shoes, can be more comfortable and may also be more economical, in some instances. Women with large feet may find a greater selection of shoes with more opportunities for adequate fit by searching through the boy's shoe section at a shoe or department store. After a woman finds a visually appealing boy's shoe, converting it to a women's size can be done easily by following a simple math equation.



    Understand children's shoe sizing. Children's shoes range from a size 0 (at birth) to 13, with boys and girls shoes in these sizes being equivalent. Once a boy can no longer wear a size 13, he moves into a men's size 1 shoe, and it is at this point where women's and men's shoe sizing begins to differ.


    Measure the woman's foot (in inches) using a ruler, tape measure or measuring guide commonly found in a shoe store. Begin at the heel of the foot and measure to the end of the big toe. Compare the measurements to those on the corresponding shoe size chart (see link in References) or on the measuring guide in the shoe store.


    Subtract two from the female shoe size. This is the boy's shoe size that will fit the female whose foot was previously measured. For example, if the female foot measured 9 inches in length, she would wear a size 6 in women's shoes; six minus two equals four. The female who wears a size 6 in women's shoes would wear a size 4 in boy's shoes.

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Best Way to Stretch Leather Shoes

Leather is one of the most pliable and forgiving materials, and thus leather shoes are some of the easiest to stretch, however there is a limit. You cannot turn a size 7 shoe into an 8 and even the most durable leather will only be willing to give so much. Shoes can be stretched to accommodate wide toes or heels.

Shoe Stretchers

    Shoe stretchers can be found in most stores and act as a way of wearing the show in while not causing your feet pain. The shoe stretchers can be adjusted for the right fit and then can be slid into the shoe to stretch it. Place the shoe stretchers in at night and leave them until the morning. When you remove them, the shoe will be stretched.


    There are shoe stretching sprays that can help to make the leather more pliable. The sprays can be purchased at most shoe stores. Simply coat the shoe in the spray, then stuff crinkled up newspaper into the shoe and let them sit for a day or two. The spray will help the leather stretch while the newspaper will create the pressure needed for the shoe to stretch.

Wearing Them In

    The easiest way to stretch a leather shoe that needs to be stretched just a little bit is to wear them. While the process can cause some discomfort, a true leather shoe will conform to your foot in just a few days. To get the process over quickly, put on a pair of athletic socks, put your foot in the shoe and wear them around the house for 2 to 3 hours a night until they are comfortable. They will then be stretched enough to be worn outside.

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