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How to Keep Patent Leather From Peeling

How to Keep Patent Leather From Peeling

You spent your money on a brand-new, patent leather item -- and you want to keep it from peeling. Patent leather -- best known for its glossy shine -- is often a staple in formal wear used for dressing up an outfit. However, the leather itself is tanned and cured in the same fashion as any other leather product. The exception is an application of chemicals giving the leather its unique look. With a little care, you can help your patent leather keep its reflective gloss and prevent cracking.



    Wipe the surface of your leather clean and free of dirt.


    Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to surface of the leather. Apply the jelly with your fingertips working it into the leather. Allow the jelly 10 to 15 minutes to permeate the leather's skin -- which helps to prevent peeling.


    Wipe away the excess jelly with your cloth.


    Use a buffing brush to bring the patent leather to a high-gloss shine.

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How to Make Decorative Flip-Flops

Add a bit of whimsy and personal style to your summer wardrobe by making decorative flip-flops. The rubber flip-flops that have been around for years have become a fun artistic canvas for creativity. These adorable crocheted and rag strip flip-flops can be crafted very inexpensively for wonderful party favors at a child's birthday party or a planned craft night for your daughter's next sleepover party. Have each of the girls bring a pair of flip-flops and instruct them on the creation of the different styles. They are quick to make, which is good, because you will want to make a pair for every summer outfit.


Fuzzy Crocheted Decorative Flip-Flops


    Hold a strand of four-ply worsted weight yarn and a strand of the fancy eyelash yarn together and form a slip knot. You will be crocheting with both strands at the same time. The four-ply worsted weight yarn will give you better control of the fancy eyelash yarn.


    Place the end of the yarn along the top right side of a flip-flop strap. Insert the crochet hook under the flip-flop strap and grab the yarn with the hook. Grab the yarn on top of the strap and pull through the two loops on the crochet hook. This is a single crochet. Continue to single crochet to the center flip-flop toe strap. Push the stitches together and cover the strap completely.


    Single crochet three times around the flip-flop toe strap. This will provide additional comfort between the toes. Continue to single crochet around the last strap of the flip-flop. Finish off and weave the yarn ends back through the single crochets on the flip-flop straps.


    Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for the other decorative flip-flop.

Decorative Rag Strip Flip-Flops


    Measure and cut fabric strips 1/2" wide by 6 inches long. The amount you need will be determined by how long the straps of the flip-flops are and how closely the strips are pushed together.


    Tie a fabric rag strip around one of the flip-flop straps. Alternate the direction of the knot on each consecutive fabric rag strip. Push the tied knots together and continue to cover the flip-flop straps completely. Keep the knots positioned on top of the flip-flop straps and fluff.


    Repeat Step 2 for the other decorative flip-flop.

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How to Incorporate Long Boots Into an Outfit

Long boots offer sexy and trendy additions to your wardrobe, whether calf or thigh high. They accentuate your looks and you can incorporate them into many different types of outfits. Whenever possible, try to purchase long boots that have stiletto, wedge or chunk high heels. The heels give you more height (if needed) and help make your thighs and buns look more toned.



    Wear a pair of long boots--preferably thigh highs--with skinny jeans or cotton pants that hug all of your curves. Put on your socks and pants first and pull the pants until they stretch under your heels if possible. Pull on your long boots over the pants. Put on a pretty blouse to go with the outfit. This will give you a lean, sexy, casual look that you can wear to parties and intimate events and when out shopping with your friends.


    Wear long boots with boot-cut jeans as an alternative to skinny jeans. This time, put the boots on first and then place the wider legged jeans over the boots. This option is best for calf-high boots.


    Buy a long, floor-length skirt (or dress) that has slits up the side to about the knees. Make sure the skirt allows you to move around comfortably and freely. When you take steps, others will be able to see the boots under your skirt. If you have long, interesting boots, show them off. Wear a snug-fitting blouse on top if you choose a skirt.


    Put on a pair of opaque (any color) or nude-colored stockings. Wear a knee length or higher skirt with your long boots along with a top that covers most of your skin, like a button-down blouse. Be sure to cover the skin around the legs and thighs with stockings and balance it with a conservative top if you wear a miniskirt.


    Accessorize appropriately with your long boots. Match them with your belt and your pocket book for a clean and coordinated look.

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How to Make Sandal Ankle Straps Longer

How to Make Sandal Ankle Straps Longer

It can be frustrating when you find a pair of sandals that fit the length and width of your feet but have ankle straps that are too short to wear comfortably. You can use a strip of leather, vinyl, fabric or whatever material matches the existing straps and sew on an extension to make your sandal ankle straps longer. By doing this, you will make your sandals more comfortable and get plenty of wear out of them.



    Measure your ankle all the way around with the measuring tape.


    Measure the existing sandal straps. Subtract that number from the measurement of your ankle.


    Cut the strap extension material to the measurement you arrived at in Step 2, adding another half inch to the length. Also make the extension the same width as the original straps.


    Thread the needle with the nylon thread, which should be the same color as the straps. If the ankle straps are made of leather, use a thick, sharp needle.


    Line up the end of the original strap end-to-end with the extension strap.


    Sew the straps together. Attach the original sandal strap to the extension by pushing the needle into the original strap, then across and through the extension. Circle back and push the needle into the original strap again.


    Repeat Step 6 until the two pieces of material are securely joined.


    Add new holes, if your sandal straps are secured with a pin-in-hole clasp. Use the awl to carefully poke holes along the length of the strap extension.

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Fashion Ideas With Boots

Boot styles have come a long way over the years, and today boots are more popular than ever. Look in any fashion magazine and you will find more boot styles than you can imagine. How and with what you wear your boots can open up a variety of fashionable looks. No doubt, boot fashions have stood the test of time, and fashion ideas with boots will continue to grace the pages of fashion magazines.

Cowboy Boots for Women

    Women's cowboy boots are often made with a 1-inch heel, but some cowboy boots for women have heels as high as 3 inches. The boots are usually made of cow leather, but they can also be made of alligator, ostrich, or snakeskin. The colors of women's cowboy boots include red, pink, green, brown, black, yellow and bone, or a combination of these colors. Cowboy boots for women are made to come up to the ankle, the mid-calf, or the knee. These boots look highly fashionable when they are worn under bootleg-cut pants, or with the pants' legs tucked into the boots. Cowboy boots also look stylish when they're worn with short skirts, short dresses, or shorts. Denim jeans should be worn with cowboy boots if you are trying to achieve a totally Western look.

Cowboy Boots for Men

    The heel on men's cowboy boots is usually 1 inches high. Western boots for men can be ankle, mid-calf or knee high.Some of the colors of men's cowboy boots are white and black, brown and green, all black, a patchwork of browns and zebra and pink with brown, but these are just a few of the many colors men's cowboy boots come in. Men's cowboy boots look best when they are worn under bootleg-cut denim jeans.

Fashion Boots for Women

    Rubber boots made for puddle jumping keep your feet dry and are stylish when worn with a matching hooded rain parka. Rubber boots can be bought in solid colors, prints or plaids. Snow boots trimmed with fur look attractive when worn with leggings or tight pants tucked into them. A fur-trimmed matching jacket also looks nice with fur-trimmed snow boots.

    Women's high-heeled boots look sexy. These boots come in colors such as black, white, purple, red, gray, brown and navy, and the heel on this style of boot can be 2 inches high or higher. Styles of high-heeled boots are made to come up to the ankle, mid-calf, knee, and above the knee. High-heeled boots look hot when they're worn with pants or a short or long skirt.

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