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How to Get Cowboy Boots on Easily

How to Get Cowboy Boots on Easily

The iconic cowboy boot has become a symbol for a particular lifestyle. Worn with jeans, skirts and even suits, this footwear represents a free, pioneering spirit and is particularly popular in American Western wear. These tall boots originally protected the feet and calves of ranchers and riders, extending protection from both outside dangers and rubbing from stirrups after long hours in the saddle. Cowboy boots are closely and precisely fitted, and getting them over your calves and onto your feet requires a certain technique and practice.



    Put on your jeans, trousers or skirt and any other leg wear, including socks. Socks should be closely fitted to avoid bunching. Socks should also be made of a moisture-wicking material to make wearing cowboy boots more comfortable.


    Sit down and pull up the legs of your long pants if the boots are to be worn inside your clothes. If you are wearing the boots outside of your clothes, pull your socks down, fold your trousers tight against your leg and then pull your sock up to cover your trousers. This keeps your trousers smooth while pulling on your boot.


    Place the correct boot in front of your foot and grasp both sides, holding the boot open. If the boot has loops for boot pulls, attach the boot pulls to the loops inside the boot and hold one pull in each hand.


    Point your toe and pull the boot upwards over your foot, then push your heel into the heel of the boot. Remove the boot pulls if necessary.

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How to Walk in Platform Heels in Public

How to Walk in Platform Heels in Public

Platform heels aren't for the faint of heart. They take a ton of style and grace to pull off, and if you're putting them on, good for you! It's wise to practice at home a few times before venturing out in them, and once you hit the town, it's all about the attitude. Remember the model walk, as if you're walking an invisible tightrope on the ground; even if you happen to be a man in platform pumps, you certainly don't want to walk like one. Stand up straight, look the world in the face, and work those fabulous shoes, girl.



    Stand up very straight--posture is key. Pull your shoulders back and tighten up your buttocks. Let your hands dangle at your sides or put them on your hips with your thumbs behind and your other four fingers forward.


    Take a step, placing your foot directly in front of your other foot. Set your heel down just before the ball of your foot.


    Continue repeating step 2, alternating feet. Keep your back straight and swing your arms just a bit if you need help with balance.


    Sway your hips slightly with each step, and keep your head held up straight.


    Pay careful attention to where your feet are going when walking over cracked surfaces or up stairs. A misstep in a platform heel can be excruciating.


    Take a break from walking. Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, with the rear foot turned with the toes pointing out at about a 45-degree angle. When you're ready to go again, step forward with the rear foot.

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Do-It-Yourself Studded Boots

When you buy a new pair of leather boots, there's no rule which dictates you must wear them in the style the come out of the box. You can customize and edit your boots in a myriad of ways, and one of the simplest is by adding studs. It may require a little elbow grease as you penetrate the leather, but it's an achievable task and one that can add unique character to your boot.



    Procure a wooden block that's the correct size to fit inside your leather boot. This will provide a secure surface to hammer through to when you're creating holes.


    Press the prongs of the stud into the leather, working your way down the boot, to make indentations. This will act as a guide to where you will hammer in the nail.


    Place the boot, with block of wood inside, onto a flat surface. Hammer a nail through the indentations you have just made. Keep hammering until you feel the nail penetrate the leather and enter the wood inside. Remove the nail and move on to the next indentation.


    Push your studs through the holes you've made, prong end first. Once the prongs penetrate the hole in the leather fold them over and into the leather to keep them securely in place.

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Why Men Like to Wear High Heels

There are a number of reasons why men wear high heels, an accessory typically associated with women in our culture. Men may be exploring the experience of wearing unfamiliar shoes, wearing them for their own entertainment and that of others, or they may be expressing their underlying feelings about their own gender.


    Imitating women, either by oneself or among male friends, is not uncommon. Playing with the taboo of gender boundaries can provide men with amusement and can be a form of either mockery or veneration for women as well as socially constructed gender standards.


    Some men professionally or occasionally dress as women and perform for their own amusement and that of others. Drag, which includes the wearing of extreme examples of high heels, has a long tradition in the gay community, but drag is also performed by and for heterosexuals.


    Men may simply wonder what it's like to wear and walk in high heels; for anyone who's never done it, it seems very difficult and possibly thrilling. Men may also wonder what effect fashion standards have on the comfort of women.


    Transvestites are people who dress in clothing generally deemed appropriate for people of the opposite sex; most transvestites, according, are heterosexual men. Cross-dressers may derive a sense of peace or of sexual pleasure from wearing opposite-gender clothing or may actively be trying to push gender taboos.

Transgendered Women

    Some biological men who don women's clothing such as high heels may be expressing a transgender identity. For some people, biological sex and gender identity are not aligned, and expressing one's true gender by wearing women's clothing and, for some, through hormonal and surgical treatments, is important for transwomen (male-to-female transexuals), according to

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How to Buy the Right Size Sorels

Founded in 1962, Sorel is the maker of boots for men, women and kids suitable for heavy winter use. While its boots are available at several retail locations, you may find it necessary to order your next pair online. Not being able to try on the boots or have a salesperson assist you can make finding the right size a challenge. Nonetheless, you can gauge your approximate size at home.



    Measure your feet. An easy way to do this is to place your foot on a piece of paper. With a pencil, make a dot near the back of your heel, and another at the tip of your big toe. Remove your foot and, using a tape measure, measure the length between the two dots in centimeters. Repeat the procedure with your other foot. Use the longest of the two lengths to find your Sorel boot size.


    Visit Select the shoe style you would like to order. Click on the "Size Chart" link, located on the upper-right side of the product description.


    Match the length of your foot in centimeters to the size chart. For example, if the length of your foot is 23 cm and you are referring to the women's size chart, you will need to order a 6 US. If the length of your foot is 25 cm and you are referring to the men's size chart, you will need to order a 7 US.

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How to Choose Workout Shoes

How to Choose Workout Shoes

When you choose a pair of workout shoes you need to know what to look for. This is not the time to worry about what looks good. If you do that you could be in a world of hurt come workout time. It's time to be practical and think about things like support and comfort. If you can get both that's great, but go for feel first not looks!



    Good workout shoes are important for support, stability, motion, balance and comfort as you exercise. Depending on what type of exercise you do it will vary to what degree this applies.

    For example, someone who does high impact aerobics and lifts weights 5 days a week will need a totally different type of shoe than someone who walks 20 minutes 3 days a week.

    The first task at hand then is to decide what type of exercise you're going to do in the shoes. If you're just starting out and are unsure what type of exercise to pursue do yourself a favor and decide before you buy. There's nothing worse than trying to workout in pain!


    If you plan to use your workout shoes for the gym and are going to be doing several types of training you may want to have two pairs of shoes. For example, let's say you do cardio for 45 minutes and weight training for 60 minutes. It might be a good idea to switch shoes from running shoes to cross trainers or even special weight lifter shoes before you lift.

    Or if your cardio isn't very intense only 20 minutes or so then a good cross trainer shoe would do and you could wear those the entire time. Sometimes it's not so cut and dry as one would think.

    Then maybe you leave the gym to go play basketball. What then? For basketball you need a quality shoe with all the perks mentioned above support, stability, balance etc; don't play without proper shoes.


    When you plan to do different types of training you need the right shoes. Or else you will pay by having injuries, blisters and possibly fractures. I know this because I did it. I wore the wrong shoes to play tennis and ended up with a stress fracture that put me out of commission for 3 months. Don't let this happen to you!

    If you're a runner, for instance, you need a light weight, sturdy shoe with strong motion control. Or maybe even stability shoes that are a tad lighter with cushion if you have a high arch. As you can see it's not a good idea to buy workout shoes just for looks it requires careful thought and planning.


    I wear cross trainers for most everything like walking, weight training and cardio this is because I believe they do the job. Cross trainers are great for aerobics and kickboxing or anything that requires quick movement direction changes or high impact.

    Naturally, you want a comfortable fit a good rule of thumb is a 1/2 inch larger than a dress shoe, so that the foot can expand. Then of course quality socks are a must, a good cotton blend should do for most types of exercise.

    One last thing to consider is insoles for arch support and comfort and of course keep workout shoes clean and odor free to avoid athlete's foot.

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    Learn How to burn stomach fat ... Weight Loss : How to burn belly fat. How to lose belly fat is a question that is asked by hundreds of visitors daily.

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    With Bibles coming in so many shapes, sizes, translations and versions, it can be difficult to know which Bible offers the best fit for you.

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