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Cute Outfit Ideas With Uggs

Cute Outfit Ideas With Uggs

Uggs are highly popular as well as highly versatile. Make the most of your pair of Uggs by creating cute outfit combinations to go with them for every occasion. While other people walk down the street wearing their Uggs with boring boot-cut jeans and plain tank-tops, you can stand out when you wear the--whether you want to wear them hiking or clubbing.

Tough but Pretty

    A cowboy hat is cute and functional, protecting you from UV rays.
    A cowboy hat is cute and functional, protecting you from UV rays.

    Go for the tough but pretty look. Uggs are sturdy enough to say that you are ready for anything, so get ready for anything: wear them with a flannel shirt, work jeans such as Carharts, and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. With just a touch of pretty--say, lipstick or some dangly earrings--you'll maintain a "cute" feel. The rest of your outfit, meanwhile, says both symbolically and literally that you're ready to handle any adventure, be it hiking, fishing, building or exploring.

Hip and Ready to Party

    A tight pair of jeans are essential hipster wear.
    A tight pair of jeans are essential hipster wear.

    Pull out your favorite pair of skinny jeans, because it's almost time for the party. For a hip outfit with Uggs, wear your skinny jeans tucked into your Uggs, and pair them with a long-waisted, low-cut shirt. Add plenty of long, beaded necklaces, black eyeliner and over-the-top earrings, and you'll be ready to hit the town. For warmth, grab some handmade fingerless gloves and a wool scarf. A small brimmed men's hat finishes the outfit.

Comfy and Cozy

    Uggs already say
    Uggs already say "cozy," so play it up.

    Uggs are so comfortable that it's easy to wear them as part of a cozy but cute evening-at-home outfit. Choose comfortable cotton leggings in a neutral tone to wear tucked into the Uggs, a cotton T-shirt and an oversized sweater. The leggings will keep the outfit cute, showcasing your legs, while the sweater will make you a cuddle magnet. Low pigtails are a playful but casual hairstyle to wear with this outfit. But don't forget the real key to this cute outfit: A pair of soft wool socks, such as Smartwool socks, worn under your Uggs, will keep you warm and contented all night long.

Sexy Swagger

    Uggs can be just as sexy as high heels (though much more comfortable) if worn with the right articles. Choose a simple short skirt in a dark color, and a low-cut top that bears sequins or other detailing around the bust. Wear this with a lacy bra that shows just above the top your shirt and lots of bangle bracelets. Because Uggs have a natural look, go bear-legged instead of wearing stockings. Wear your hair down but clipped back in order to show off both your mane and your face. Most importantly, remember that wearing comfortable shoes will help you walk with more confidence, which will compound your attractiveness immensely, while tottering down the street in uncomfortable stilettos will just make you look awkward.

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How to Find the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

How to Find the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

When you have plantar fasciitis, you need the right shoes. If your doctor or podiatrist has said your foot pain or heel pain is due to plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, then chances are he's recommended heel lifts, taping, and custom orthotics or orthotic inserts to help support your arch. To really get a jump on helping your feet, though, you should wear footwear designed to help heal the plantar fascia. Learn how to find the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.



    Learn the idiosyncrasies of your own feet. Determine if your problem is flat feet or overly high arches, over pronation or over supination, or a foot or stride problem or posture problem. See a physical therapist or get a recommendation from a podiatrist as to what type of corrective shoe would help your heel pain. Chances are, you'll need shoes with arch support. If you're an overpronator, you may need shoes that provide good stability.


    Avoid going to a regular shoe store. Go to a shoe store specializing in comfort shoes with arch support. Stores that sell Birkenstock sandals and shoes, Haflinger, Mephisto shoes, Ecco shoes, Clarks, Dansko clogs or other European comfort shoes may have sales people who are knowledgeable about plantar fasciitis and your particular type of foot pain. For running shoes, certain New Balance styles are popular with people suffering from heel pain.


    Try on the shoes and walk around indoors (so you can return them if they don't feel right). The best shoes for your plantar fasciitis will fit securely without being too loose or too tight, not pinch anywhere, and in some styles slide slightly off at the heel, such as with Birkenstocks.


    Take time to gradually adjust if you've never worn shoes with corrective arch support before. Wear the comfort shoes only for a few minutes the first day, gradually increasing the time until your feet have adjusted to the foodbed.

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How to Look Good Walking in Heels

High heels can work miracles for women at the same time being a painful sacrifice for beauty. Wearing heels will instantly make you look 10 lbs. lighter, taller, and give you a sexy swagger in addition to just looking fashionable. The key to looking sexy in heels is walking confidently in them.



    Practice walking in heels. Walk around home or short distances in heels that are only an inch or two high. Try an ankle strap until the ankle muscles strengthen. Strong ankles are necessary for wearing high heels.


    Invest in good quality heels. Cheap heels don't offer enough support and may be painful and even permanently damaging to your feet.


    Stand up straight when wearing heels and bring your chest up and out. This will help you gain control of your upper body and look confident. Hold your chin up and keep your eyes forward instead of down. Good posture alone is sexy.


    Tighten your lower abs. This will also tighten your lower back. Keep control of your torso by flexing these two areas.


    Relax in the hips and knees. Stiff legs are the most common mistake high heel wearers make. Keep control in the torso area and allow the hips and knees to follow smoothly.


    Take a normal step, putting the heel down first and ball of the foot second. Strong ankle muscles are important for balancing on the tiny 1/3-inch heel.


    Get a good, rhythmic walk going. Keep your footsteps even. Keep the toes pointed forward and steps close together. Once you feel comfortable in heels, a natural and rhythmic swing will come to your hips.

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The Difference Between Keen Briggs & Briggs II

The Difference Between Keen Briggs & Briggs II

The Keen shoe company has manufactured and sold shoes targeting active people since 2003. The company prides itself on developing and selling hybrid shoes -- that is, shoes that can be worn in an active, casual or business settings. One such shoe, the Briggs, provides the ruggedness of a hiking shoe with the casual look of a loafer. Evaluating the quality of the various generations of Keen's Briggs shoes requires a close examination of customer reviews and product descriptions.


    Keen Briggs and Keen Briggs II shoe manufacturers use different materials in the construction of each shoe type. Original Keen Briggs shoes use unsanded, unpolished leather in the construction of the upper part of the shoe, while Keen Briggs II shoes uses nubuck, a sanded, suede-like leather material. Additionally, though the soles of both shoes are non-marking and slip-resistant, only the soles on the Keen Briggs shoes are billed as oil-resistant. Further, Keen Briggs II shoes include specially designed memory-foam soles that provide greater comfort, while original Keen Briggs shoes use anti-odor soles.


    Perhaps because of the cost of the materials used in their construction, Keen Briggs shoes tend to cost nearly twice the amount of Keen Briggs II shoes. This likely stems from the former's use of all-leather in the construction of the upper part of the shoe, compared to the latter's use of cheaper and more readily available nubuck. Additionally, oil-resistant rubber tends to be formed from nitrile, a synthetic material that costs more to produce and mold than do non oil-resistant synthetic rubbers, such as styrene butadiene or polybutadiene.

Customer Satisfaction

    Customers tend to rate Keen Briggs shoes higher than Keen Briggs II shoes. While customers recognize each as a comfortable, high-quality shoe good for outdoor use and even for jobs in which the wearer is on her feet all day, many reviews also point to the durability of Keen Briggs shoes as an additional plus.


    Both Keen Briggs and Keen Briggs II shoes boast dozens of reviews touting the shoes' comfort and wearability. The design and style of the shoes are such that the shoe itself comfortably fits over most sized feet. Because of the leather uppers, however, original Keen Briggs shoes seem to provide more breathability, according to some customer reviews.

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