Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Make Dance Shoes

Dance shoes, like ballet or jazz shoes, are a trendy accompaniment to dresses and skirts, and luckily, you don't have to shell out tons of cash to get some. You can make your own custom-fit, custom-fabric dance shoes in just a few hours, with only basic sewing skills.
You can choose the sole you want, depending on where you will be doing most of your walking, although leather is a solid choice for almost any surface. In addition, choose a fabric that has a close weave, like polyesters, sturdy cottons and denim. However, almost any fabric can be used, taking into consideration what you intend to use the shoes for (regular wearing or costume, for example) and where.



    Lay the piece of paper on the floor, and trace your foot, making a shoelike pattern. Cut out this pattern.


    Fold the fabric in half, with the right sides facing, and pin the paper pattern to both layers.


    Cut around the pattern, going through both fabric layers. Unpin the pattern from the fabric.


    Choose one of the fabric shoe patterns you now have, and cut an oval shape in fabric about 2 1/2 inches from the end of the heel and 3 1/2 inches from the end of the toes.


    Hem the opening you just created, sewing a length of thin round elastic about 1 inch shorter than the circumference of your oval into the hem. Alternatively, sew a strap of thin flat elastic across the opening.


    Cut about 1/4 inch off your paper shoe pattern all around. Pin this smaller pattern to the leather or other material you've chosen for the sole.


    Cut out the sole (single layer), and remove the pattern.


    Center the sole on the solid fabric shoe piece (not the piece with the opening). The sole should be on the outside of the shoe when it is completed, so the "wrong" side of the sole and the "right" side of the fabric go together.


    Carefully sew the sole to the solid fabric shoe piece. Trim any excess threads.


    Pin the top and bottom of the shoe together with the "right" sides together (the sole should be on the inside at this point).


    Sew these pieces together, removing the pins as you go along. Trim any excess threads or seam fabric.


    Turn the shoe right side out. If desired, add embellishments such as buttons or bows.


    Repeat all of these steps for the other foot so that you have a pair.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

How Did Mary Jane Shoes Get Its Name?

How Did Mary Jane Shoes Get Its Name?

How did Mary Janes get their name? The pretty, trendy shoes of today, tomorrow and days gone by had to get their moniker somewhere, but is there a real Mary Jane behind the inspiration for this shoe and its trademark single strap? Or is the origin of the name a question with no answer?


    Red patent leather Mary Janes,

    The original Mary Jane shoe, dating from the early 1900s, was worn primarily by young girls, was a low-heeled, round-toed slipper with a strap across the instep of the foot or around the ankle, and typically made of shiny black patent leather. Today, Mary Janes are still popular as formal shoes for young girls, though they have also been adapted as informal footwear for adult women. The adult version, while retaining the trademark strap, often features a high heel or platform sole.


    Ruby slipper Mary Janes,

    According to Real Simple magazine, the most widely accepted theory is that Mary Jane was a character in the Buster Brown comic series, created by artist Richard Outcault in 1902. Buster Brown himself inspired a trademark brand of shoe. Depending on which variation of the story comes your way, Mary Jane starred as Buster Brown's sister or love interest.


    Platform Mary Janes,

    Outcault traveled to the 1904 World's Fair and sold licenses to various companies to use his characters for their advertising campaigns. Among them was the Brown Shoe Co., who used touring actors to portray the characters of Buster Brown and Mary Jane. Eventually the style of shoe worn by both Buster and Mary became known in popular culture as Mary Janes.

Time Frame

    Though Mary Janes have proved popular since their introduction, they experienced a resurgence into a number of subcultures during the late 1990s and early 2000s. As babydoll and goth movements found an increased following, their adherents brought Mary Janes for teens and adults into the limelight. With today's teens and young adults, largely unfamiliar with the history of Brown Shoe or the characters Buster Brown and Mary Jane, the origin of the name has largely been lost.

Interesting Facts

    Recently Mary Janes have found their way into contemporary culture (popular singer Fergie recorded a song bearing its name) and men who seek alternative forms of fashion expression have paid homage to the Mary Jane as well. The origins of the Mary Jane may be largely forgotten, but the shoe's influence remains strong.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Clean Black Patent Leather Shoes

How to Clean Black Patent Leather Shoes

To make patent leather, manufacturers apply a varnish or lacquer in the final stage of the tanning process. This produces a material that is so shiny, you could see your reflection. While patent leather shoes are certainly fashionable, it's easy to scuff them, ruining their appeal. With proper care, you can keep your black patent leather shoes clean and looking great.



    Wash off dirt and grime with soap and water. Place a small amount of mild soap, such as dish washing detergent onto a wet wash cloth. Wipe the shoes all over to remove the dirt. If the dirt has dried on, you may need to scrub certain areas a littler harder.


    Clean scuff marks with nail polish remover. If you have scuff marks on your shoes from bumping into something, you can put a bit of nail polish remover onto the wash cloth and gently scrub the area. The scuff should come right off.


    Shine the shoes with mineral oil. Naturally, you want your patent leather shoes to maintain their shine. While you can purchase a commercial patent leather cleaner from a shoe store, you can also do this with mineral oil--such as baby oil or makeup remover. Put a small bit on the wash cloth and wipe it over the whole shoe.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Decorate Sandals

How to Decorate Sandals

Adorning your flip-flops is a fun, creative and inexpensive project. It's great for teen sleepovers or other occasions. Consider selling them for a local fundraiser or just keep them to jazz up your summer wardrobe.


How to Decorate Sandals


    Purchase some inexpensive flip-flops at Old Navy, Big Lots, Wal-Mart or any other discount store. Typically you can find these for under $10, in a variety of colors.


    Gather up accessories to customize your sandals. This is a great opportunity to use fabric or ribbon scraps you have around the house. Consider bright or unusual buttons, old jewelry, beads or sequins. Sill flowers are a great addition to the center of a sandal. Have on hand a glue gun, needle and thread, Velcro and even some old newspaper to cover your work space.


    Wind fabric or ribbon along the straps and seal firmly into place with your glue gun. Add sequins or beads to the fabric for an extra sparkle.


    Take an interesting button or old piece of jewelry and either sew it to the center of where the straps join, or use hot glue. A silk daisy or other flower also looks great in this spot between your toes.

    Show off that pedicure and dress up your sandals.

    You can also use small, round pieces of Velcro to attach your flower or button.

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