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How to Identify Fake UGG Designer Boots

Ugg boots are a designer style of boot made of sheepskin and originating in Australia. It is also the trademarked name for the UGG boots brand. Generally, Ugg boots can be expensive like most designer fashions. However, some people try to save money by buying fake Ugg boots. Imitation, knock-off Uggs do not look like the real thing. Learn how to find and identify fake Ugg boots so you are not duped into buying cheap, fake Uggs.



    Research the seller of the Ugg boots. Various Internet websites that specialize in selling designer clothing and fashion, such as eBay and similar auction websites, are known to be places where sellers try to get rid of fake designer knockoffs. On the other hand, Ugg boots being sold in a department store are most likely genuine. However, this rule doesn't apply everywhere, and sometimes you may find real Ugg boots on eBay.


    Check the price. If the price for the Ugg boots are too good to be true, it most likely is. Ugg boots are known to be quite expensive. Classic Ugg boots start at about $60, though various other Ugg boot fashions and styles can cost up to $200. A cheap pair of Ugg boots may mean they are fake, counterfeit designer goods.


    Read the Ugg boot tag. If it's made in China, they are genuine Ugg boots.


    Feel the boot material and inspect the manufacturing. Real Ugg boots are made with high-quality cloth and material, and the stitches and workmanship will be solid. Cheap Ugg boot knockoffs and fake Ugg boots will use cheaper fabric and have loose stitches.


    Avoid buying Ugg boots from un-reputable third parties. Purchase Ugg boots from reputable sellers and dealers to protect yourself from wasting money on cheap Ugg boots that aren't the real thing. That doesn't mean you have to pay a lot of money. Many reputable dealers sell real Ugg boots through Amazon (link in the Resource section) at prices that are considerably lower than department stores. Also, check garage sales and vintage stores for used Ugg boots at a discount.

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How to Wear Espadrilles

Espadrille is a term used to denote a style of shoes in which the sole is made from sturdy rope. The upper part of the shoe, as well as the height of the sole, can vary wildly. Generally thought of as summer footwear, espadrilles add a touch of casual elegance to nearly any outfit.



    Slide the espadrilles onto your feet. Make sure the fit is comfortable, and the soles do not aggravate your feet. It is perfectly acceptable to add comfort insoles to the shoes to make them easier to wear.


    Consider wearing socks if it is a chilly day. Fashion consensus says that full length socks do not compliment espadrilles. Consider a pair of ankle or no-show socks. You may also choose to deliberately defy this fashion "rule" and wear a pair of socks that compliments or contrasts with the color of the espadrilles.


    Wear high heeled espadrilles with a bare foot or nude stockings. These dressier styles of espadrilles are often embellished enough on their own that they do not require any additional adornment in the form of patterned socks or stockings.

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What Colors Match Brown Shoes?

What to wear with brown shoes can be the source of many stressful mornings spent trying on your entire closet. You want the components of your outfit to complement one another, not clash. Brown can look expensive and luxe when used right, and it isn't so difficult to wear this color if you follow a few basic tips.

Colors Found Outside

    Take your cue from Mother Nature. You can't go wrong with organically driven neutrals such as other browns, tans, camel, white, sand, amber, bone or gold; or greens such as loden, olive or pine. Even neutral dark gray tones (think river rocks) can be worn with brown. For brighter choices, flowers and plants as well as the sky can also yield good options such as light or medium blues, pinks, yellows or purples.


    Patterns also work well with brown shoes, especially tweeds. Other choices are checked, argyle, plaid or paisley; or choose prints inspired by animals such as leopard, giraffe, alligator or tortoiseshell. Patterns that feature neutral colors (like earth tones) will work well, and be sure to use them carefully. You certainly do not want to be mistaken for a piece of furniture.

Other colors

    Browns tend to look attractive with darker colors that complement it. For example, deep colors like navy, burgundy, cognac or eggplant look attractive with brown shoes. Blue jeans are a good choice, too.

    Light colors such as pastels can also be used. For example, pair a pale yellow or blue shirt with khaki pants and brown loafers. Both men and women can follow this suggestion.


    One thing to keep in mind is the style or type of shoe you are wearing. The less shoe material on your foot, the less noticeable your shoe color. For example, brown sandals can benefit from something eye-catching like a Hawaiian print, while brown boots would look better next to something more neutral.

    Also, a general rule of thumb for brown is that it usually doesn't match with black.

Personal Preferences

    Finally, you must be comfortable with your outfit, so ultimately whatever makes you feel the best will be your best choice.

    So if you only like some tones in the brown color palette, buy shoes in those shades. If a certain brown reminds you of the time you fell into mud, avoid that color. If wearing brown shoes with a black skirt, a chartreuse top and an orange belt makes you feel like a million dollars, just go for it.

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How to Get the Stink Out of Leather Shoes

How to Get the Stink Out of Leather Shoes

Leather shoes easily absorb odors, especially when they become wet. While leather shoes look stylish, they often absorb odors like the smell of smoke and sweat. A few methods exist when it comes to removing the unpleasant odor from leather shoes. Often leather shoes will need to be dried out before you can clean them to remove odors. Common household cleaning products will help to reduce and eliminate the foul smells that your leather shoes have absorbed.



    Let the shoes air out. If you just wore the leather shoes, your sweat has more than likely saturated the shoes. If the shoes become wet, they will also have a strong odor. Place them at room temperature between 70 and 95 degrees F and avoid direct heat.


    Remove the odor with distilled vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with one part water and one part vinegar, and spray the solution inside and outside of the leather shoes. Wait 10 minutes, and then dry the shoes off with a washcloth.


    Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe. Allow the baking soda to set overnight, and turn the shoes over the next day to tap the baking soda out. If you worry about exposing your leather shoes to the baking soda, place 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the toes of two old socks. Tie the socks in a knot and place them into each shoe. Leave the shoes to set overnight.

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How to Find And Buy Discount Manolo Blahnik Shoes

How to Find And Buy Discount Manolo Blahnik Shoes

When it comes to women's shoes, Manolo Blahnik is probably one of the most recognized brands world wide. Whether you are watching an episode of Sex And The City, or just drooling in the window of your local department store, a great pair of Manolo Blahnik heels can make even the least fashionable women weak at the knees. But these shoes can come with a hefty price tag. And that's why more and more women are waiting for that Manolo Blahnik shoes sale or even buying them second hand on the internet. Here are a few tips to help you find cheap Manolo Blahnik designer shoes.



    Frequently check the shoe sale racks at your higher end department stores. Bloomingdales always has a great selection of Manolo Blahnik's on sale. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right Manolo Blahnik sizes in all the rubble that started out as an organized shoe rack at the beginning of the day, but you will find them if you look hard enough.


    Search the internet for discount Manolo Blahnik shoes. Many times online retailers put Manolo Blahnik's on sale if they have a hard time selling a particular size or style. Manolo Blahnik boots are often on sale as they don't sell as well as the heels. Shop around and compare prices. Make sure you check the shipping charges as well. Sometimes you can get better deals on a more expensive pair if the shipping is free.


    Search the online classifieds for cheap Manolo Blahnik shoes. Many times you can get some great deals on shoes that have only been worn a few times. Posting an add on Craigslist is always a good option as well. You can let all the sellers come to you and save yourself a little time in front of the computer searching and responding.

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