Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Identify Fake Coach Shoes

Coach has been known for their stylish handbags for years and now they have introduced footwear to their line of products. Unfortunately, some fraudulent companies want to make money off the Coach name and try to pass off their products with the same logo. Purchasing replicas of designer items are fine if you know that is what you are getting. But some sellers want you to believe you are purchasing the brand name when you are not. Watching for certain signs help you identify fake Coach footwear.



    Check the authenticity of a website when ordering Coach shoes online. Log on to and input the web address of the site. If the owner is Chinese or foreign sounding it is a good bet the footwear is fake.


    Familiarize yourself with the Coach logo. The logo name is significant to Coach and fake styles will not carry the same pattern logo, although they may look similar. The C's in the Coach name are distinctive and the C's in the fake Coach products may resemble a G instead of a C.


    Feel the material of the shoes. The material should feel sturdy, but comfortable. Material of fake Coach footwear may feel flimsy or stiff or uncomfortable when trying on.


    Examine the stitching and hardware on the shoes. Crooked stitching and cheap looking buckles on shoes are a good sign of fake Coach footwear. Coach shoes have precise stitching and good quality hardware.


    Check for misspellings or overlapping of letters of the Coach name on the shoes. Misspellings and misaligned letters are a dead giveaway of a fake brand.


    Obtain the serial number of the Coach shoes you want to purchase. Serial numbers are found online at the official Coach website or in Coach catalogs. Each Coach item has a distinct serial number for all their products. If the shoes do not have the same serial number, or no serial number, they are most likely fake.

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