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The Differences in Men & Women's Shoes

The Differences in Men & Women's Shoes

While some shoes can be worn by either gender, many types of dress shoes or athletic shoes are gender specific. Women are lighter, shorter and usually have a lower percentage of muscle mass then men. They also have a lighter bone weight, with softer and more flexible joints. These differences translate to differences in footwear, particularly with athletic shoes. The differences are not just for fashion, they serve to protect the wearer from injury.


    While units for sizing shoes vary around the world, women's shoes and men's shoes often have different scales for measurement. A Brannock Device can measure both the length and the width of the foot. According to this device, used in the United States, men's shoe sizes are one size larger than women's shoes. This device comes in many varieties intended for shoes for men, women and children, athletic shoes and ski boots. Each additional size is 1/3 inch longer for both men's and women's shoes. Men's shoes are also often wider than women's. The Brannock Device measures width, with each width designation separated by 3/16 of an inch.

Shoe Styles

    Men's shoes are often categorized by how they are closed or the ornaments present on the shoes. They range from oxfords with closed lacing, Blchers with open lacing, monk-straps with a buckle and strap, or slip-ons with no fastenings or lacings. Women's dress shoes are often categorized by heel type. These include high heels with a 2-inch heel or higher, kitten heels ranging from 1 1/2 to 2 inches high, wedge sandals where the ankle is higher than the toe, mules with no fitting around the heel, slingbacks secured with a strap around the heel, espadrilles with a cotton or canvas upper and ballerinas or pumps with a very low heel and and exposed instep. The majority of women's shoe styles have a narrower forefoot, or the front part of the shoe. Many other types of shoes, including clogs, sandals, slip-ons, slippers and boots, are considered unisex and vary only in size and aesthetic design.

Athletic Shoes

    Regardless of size differences, there are anatomical differences between men and women extending to their feet. These differences include women's thicker ankles and calves, higher arches and narrower heels. Women's shoes often have a greater heel bevel, or rounded tread on the end of the heel, to improve stability and cushioning. This helps compensate for increased force on the kneecap and greater external rotation at the heel strike. A woman's foot is also 3% to 4% narrower than a man's, particularly in the rear of the foot. Women's feet are also more flexible, and running shoes often provide a different tread to allow the foot to flex in a certain way. In addition the arch height of a women's foot as well as overall foot flexibility can change with varying levels of hormones, which can affect how a woman walks. As such, many women's running shoes have a specific design allowing for extra space between arch and the sole. Women's shoes also often contain greater mid-foot support to compensate for the higher arch.

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How to Make a Shoe Sole Not Slippery on Ice

How to Make a Shoe Sole Not Slippery on Ice

If you live in a place where the sidewalks ice over in the winter, you need to be careful when you are out walking. Besides walking slowly and carefully, take steps to ensure that your shoes are less prone to slide on the slick ice. Adjust your regular shoes so that you don't go slipping and spinning during the cold months.



    Rough up the bottom of your shoes with 50-grit sandpaper. This gives the soles more gripping power, providing you with more traction as you walk on icy surfaces.


    Spray the bottom of your shoes with hair spray. The hair spray wears off after one or two outings, but while it is on, it gives your shoes a slightly tacky surface that grips well.


    Apply traction pads to your shoes. Traction pads are items that are stuck to the bottom of your shoes that allow them to grip the ground. They are available at shoe stores, and there are different types available for both regular shoes and high heels.


    Scratch shallow X's into the soles of your shoes with a pair of old scissors. This gives your shoes a rougher surface.

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About Chaco Sandals

About Chaco Sandals

Chaco is a Paonia, Colorado-based shoe company that makes sport sandals for both men and women. The performance sandals are open-toed, water-resistant shoes that feature a pull-through strap design. Some Chaco sandals are stylish, lightweight flip-flops. Others are more rugged and designed for hikers and river runners. All are designed to stay on your feet as you enjoy the great outdoors, wet or dry. Chaco products come with a lifetime warranty against defects.


    Chaco founder and CEO Mark Paigen was working as a fly-fishing and whitewater rafting guide on the Colorado River in the mid-1980s when he began making sport sandals for his fellow guides. Eventually, he started making the shoes for clients. As demand grew for the shoes, Paigen decided to form his own company and Chaco was launched in April 1989. In the years that followed, Chaco grew. In 2008, the company had a global revenue exceeding $20 million. In January 2009, Chaco was acquired by Wolverine World Wide, Inc., but terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Paigen was expected to remain on as a consultant.


    There are a variety of types of Chaco sandals for men and women, including the Z/1 and Z/2 Vibram Unaweep performance sandals. These sandals feature synthetic uppers and are offered in a variety of sizes and colors for both sexes. Other popular Chaco sandals include the casual Zong EcoTread, a slip-on performance sandal which features an outsole made partially of recycled rubber.

BioCentric Footbed

    Chaco Sandals

    All Chaco sandals have what the company describes as BioCentric footbeds, approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). These footbeds feature molded arches, offer extra shock absorption and help to prevent over pronation (when the foot rolls too far inward). Chaco claims its BioCentric footbeds can minimize back and neck pain, alleviate strain on the knee joints and help to prevent plantar fasciitis.

Additional Features

    Chaco performance sandals feature a pull through strap system designed to help keep the foot in place during wear. In addition, some types of Chaco sandals feature two narrow, polyester straps that offer additional security and stability to the wearer.


    Chaco offers a repair service for its sandals. Customers can send their damaged or worn down sandals to the company's Paonia, Colorado, factory for repairs. For a fee, Chaco sandals can be resoled and straps can be repaired or replaced. The company estimates that turnaround time once sandals reach the factory is about five days.

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Unique Ways to Lace Shoes

Unique Ways to Lace Shoes

Shoe laces are an essential part to most sneakers, but sometimes the old-fashioned way of tying sneakers can feel boring and dull. If you're interested in making your feet stand out, consider lacing your shoes in one of over 20 funky patterns. Using brightly colored shoelaces will make the patterns stand out even more.

Bow Tie Method

    The bow tie method

    One type of shoe lacing is a method called the Bow Tie, because it looks as though the shoes are held together by bow ties in the shoelaces. This method uses very little of the shoelace, leaving long ends at the tips. To begin, lace the first set of holes horizontally as normal. Next, take one end of the lace and carry it up to the next hole on the same side. Bring it through, then loop diagonally upwards and take it through. Bring it out one hole up on that same side, then loop diagonally upward again. Bring it through, then bring the lace out on the next hole up on that same side. Repeat for the other half of the shoelace. Once all the holes are completed, bring shoelace ends out as normal, tighten and tie.

Sawtooth Method

    Another type of shoelacing is called sawtooth lacing, wherein it appears as though one set of the laces go straight across and others go vertically. To begin, run the lace horizontally as normal. Carry one end of the shoelace underneath and bring it out to the next hole on the same side. With the other end, loop diagonally upwards to the next hole on the opposite side. Next, switch, so that the end of the shoelace that went horizontally now goes straight across and the one that went straight now goes diagonally. Repeat until all holes are full. Because of this pattern, all diagonal laces should be running in the same upward pattern.

Hash Method

    A more complex shoelace pattern, hash lacing derives its name from the series of hash symbols created by the pattern. Begin with the shoe laces running straight across the first holes with the ends emerging through the bottom eyelets. Next, cross the ends over on the outside and feed them two holes up, through the next eyelets up (two holes will be left open between). Next, run the ends straight down on the inside of the shoe and bring them through the holes just below. Repeat, each time crossing over on the outside and going up three sets of holes, then running straight down and looping through the bottom hole.

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