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How to Get The Best Price for Uggs

Uggs has amassed an abundance of devotees who are crazy about the company's line of sheepskin footwear. While Uggs may look stylish on your feet, they can do some damage to your wallet. Whether your old pair of Uggs has worn out, you're a new convert, or you're a shoe fanatic who loves a great deal, you can get a new pair of Uggs without breaking the bank.



    Check out discount or outlet stores. With a bit of searching, you may be able to get a great price on a brand-new pair of Uggs. The downside is that there is no guarantee you will be able to find Uggs in your desired styles, colors or sizes.


    Wait for the sales. Your patience will pay off. Be on the lookout for clearance sales or end-of-season sales at department stores. Uggs is a major brand name, and chances are good that Uggs footwear will occasionally be marked down at a store near you.


    Shop online. Search for Uggs with a price comparison search engine. Look for coupon codes for online footwear retailers. There are even coupon codes available for Uggs Australia, the official website. You may not be able to get a large discount this way, but even a small percentage off the regular price can make a difference.


    Search eBay. If you are repulsed by the thought of wearing somebody's worn-out boots, know that it is entirely possible to get a bargain price on a pair of new or gently used Uggs there. Of course, you do not want to get stuck with a pair of knockoffs, so be discerning if you choose eBay. Read the sellers' reviews as well as their return and exchange policies.

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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With a Navy Dress?

Choosing shoes to accessorize a dress was once easy. Manufacturers stuck to the same strict rules that fashion designers did. Black pumps went with nearly all suits and definitely with black dresses. Brown went with beige and brown, and the bag matched as well. These days, women encounter a plethora of choices--sometimes a confusing excess--and, at the end of the day, women still have to get dressed. Answering the question of what color shoes to wear with a navy dress can provide some basic guidelines for choosing shoes to go with other clothes as well.

Defining the Dress

    Navy blue, once reserved only for workwear, now appears in sundresses, resortwear, evening wear and even as bridesmaids' dresses. The cut of the dress, more than any other element, defines your shoe choice. Tailored navy suits for work requires navy pumps with a low or moderate heel to pull you together visually. When shoes match a dress, the single color line has a slimming and lengthening effect on your overall look. Further, a single color line directs the eye to your face, which is the area at which most effective business communication takes place. You look polished, businesslike and attentive when shoes do not distract from your overall appearance. Varying the cut, heel-height and trim of shoes gives you the feeling you're not a cookie cutter clone, without taking away from the business at hand. Matching bags are no longer de rigeur, but keep them simple as well.

Expanding the Possibilities

    Wearing the same navy dress out for drinks or dinner after work encourages a little latitude. Just as you are likely to add accessories like a scarf, jewelry, wrap or jacket, let your shoes have a little more fun as well. Stick with navy, but in a peep-toe, sling-back or even a sandal. Reflect the sparkle of the occasion with navy or black patent. If you're adding lots of gold chains, consider gold sandals. Keep everything else navy and step out in bright pink, acid green or bright red pumps. There's only one caution--keep your touches of color on the cautious side. Your red sandals may be a perfect match for your red scarf, but remember the color line. Red at the top and red at the bottom means less of that long slim line; complicate it with a red belt, and you'll look like a stack of blocks instead of a Grecian column. Look over colored shoes with an eye to your other accessories.

Making a Statement

    Navy can now be found in dresses with a low neckline and flowing fabric for an evening of fun. It's time to enjoy your navy dress as the background for party shoes. Navy serves as a foil for all strong, clear colors and gleam and glitz as well. Fabric prints on shoes with a touch of navy work well, as do multicolor leathers. The only shoe colors less likely to complement navy evening wear are beige, cream and white. Those shades still suggest nautical themes so save the whites for casual occasions.

Taking Navy Casual

    Wear light shoe colors to set off your navy shift or sundress. Nothing adds crispness and sunshine to navy like white, cream or yellow. Since your overall look is casual, you can pick up the color of trim or add a punchy color that complements colored accessories. Emphasize navy's nautical history with navy and white spectator pumps or red, white and blue sandals. Use it as a canvas for floral colors, the brighter the better. Forget the workday color line, and enjoy the overall effect.

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What to Wear With Coach Millie Boots

Coach Millie boots are both a chic and practical addition to anyone's wardrobe---they can doubtlessly serve as a quintessential facet of your wardrobe. The soft leather, knee-high length and 3-inch stacked heel make a chic and versatile piece. Sometimes when you buy expensive footwear, you don't know how to style it or what to wear it with.

To Work

    For a chic look at the office, try the Millie boot underneath a pair of slacks. If you have brown boots, avoid black pants and vice versa. You can also try breezy gaucho-style pants or a longer skirt. Depending on the atmosphere in your office, it could be considered unprofessional to pair your boots with anything above the knee.

In a Rush

    For instant, laid-back chic, tuck your skinny jeans into your boots and pair it with a breezy button-down on top. Or, for a more bohemian look, opt for slouchy layers and pair the boots with a bold matching bag or purse. Layering jeans over the boots can look great too---just make sure its a structured, well-fitting jean.

Night on the Town

    Pair your boots with a cute dress in a color to complement your Millie boots. To avoid cheapening your look, wear a dark pair of opaque tights underneath your dress. This will keep the dress with knee-high boots look looking classy, rather than trashy. If the dress is more of a T-shirt style dress, add some shape by slinging a belt around the hips or waist. If the dress is form fitting at the waist, throw on a soft leather motorcycle-style jacket or cardigan.

Other Ideas

    Bright tights underneath boots are a way to incorporate a splash of color into your ensemble. In the fall and winter, opt for darker richer hues of the color rather than mega-brights. Plums, dusky yellows, maroons and turquoises look amazing with a neutral outfit. Another option for boots is to pair tights with dressier, tweed shorts.

What to Avoid

    Boots never look classy when paired with sky-high hemlines, bare legs or fishnet stockings. You paid a lot of money for these boots, and you don't want to look cheap. If rock and roll glam is what you are going for, do so in a chic manner with dark tights underneath. Don't sacrifice style for trying to look overly sexy.

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How to Restore the Color of Uggs

How to Restore the Color of Uggs

Ugg boots have a become a fashion staple in the winter months. The boots' warm sheepskin and wool are so comfortable to cold feet you may never take them off. However, frequent wear leads to inevitable stains and loss of color on your beloved Uggs. Salt stains from snow and ice storms are a common culprit of Ugg discoloration. But take heart, it is possible to clean your Ugg boots and restore them close to their original condition.



    Moisten the entire surface of the boot evenly and lightly with a cold water sponge. Do not immerse the entire boot into the water or it will damage the boot's lining and affect the boot's shape.


    Mix a solution of 1/2 cleaner and conditioner and 1/2 water. Apply a small amount of the solution to a clean, wet sponge. Do not apply the solution directly to your boot or you will damage the sheepskin.


    Rub the solution on your boot with the sponge gently and evenly until it foams. Cover the entire boot with this solution. Scrubbing will help remove the dirt, grime and salt that are causing your boot to lose color. Follow up immediately with a clean sponge dipped in water to rinse the boot of the cleaning solution and dirt.


    Stuff the boots with paper towels or newspaper to help the Uggs hold their shape and place the boots away from direct heat or sunlight to dry. Allow the boots to dry naturally and completely, which may take at least 24 hours.


    Brush the Uggs with a suede brush once they are finished drying. Gently brush them in one direction only. Brushing will help remove any remaining dirt and salt caught in the sheepskin and help restore texture and color.

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How to Make Slouchy Suede Boots Stay Up

As cute as those slouchy suede boots were when you bought them, it's annoying when they won't stay up. While slouchy boots are supposed to have a natural slouch to them, they should not be falling down around your ankles either. You may have purchased the wrong size boot or the dimension don't work well with your body type. Whatever the case, you may still be able to wear your boots the way they are supposed to be worn, with a few simple tricks.



    Double-sided tape is typically used to hold a dress in place, sticking to the body on one side and the dress on the other. Insert double-sided tape around the inside rim of the boot, press the boot to you so that the pieces of tape stick to your leg. This is ideal if you are not going to be moving around a lot. Otherwise, with the constant walking and other leg movement the tape will come off of your skin.


    You may not be able to wear the boots with just your bare legs. Wearing a pair of jeans may give you the extra padding needed to hold up the boots.


    If you prefer to wear your boots with leggings, you can pin the boots to the leggings to hold them up. Using several safety pins, attach them to the inside rim of the boot, just like with the double-sided tape. Once you have the leggings on, put the boots on and pin them to the leggings.

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How to Make Stilettos Fit

How to Make Stilettos Fit

According to, "Stiletto is the Italian word for a small dagger with a slender, tapering blade." Stiletto heels vary in length, but are generally 1 to 10 inches. Heels that are 5 centimeters or shorter with a stiletto style are called "kitten heels." Regardless of the height of your stilettos, you can make them fit perfectly with a few simple steps.



    Purchase your stilettos at the end of the day. By this time, your feet will have swollen slightly, so you can buy shoes that fit your feet at their largest.


    Measure your feet before purchasing a pair of stilettos. Most shoe stores have foot-measuring devices lying around, and some have staff that will measure your feet for you. Remember to measure both of your feet and not just one since many people have a slight size difference between the two. If your feet are different sizes, purchase a pair of shoes that fit your larger foot.


    Wear your stilettos around your house, going up and down stairs and walking on various surfaces. This will help break them in by encouraging them to form around the shape of your feet.


    Adjust the fit of your stilettos. If they are slightly larger than your feet, you can attach adhesive rubber heel grips to the inside of your shoes. These will stop your heels from sliding in and out of your stilettos. If your stilettos are still too loose, you can add thick insoles created specifically for stilettos and/or ball-of-foot cushions and bottom-of-heel cushions. These can be found at any shoe store in a wide range of colors. If your stilettos are slightly smaller than your feet, you can take them to a cobbler to have them professionally stretched.

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