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How do I Wear Mustard Yellow Flats This Spring?

How do I Wear Mustard Yellow Flats This Spring?

Mustard yellow is a tricky but often-popular color, particularly in the spring and fall months. While mustard yellow can be difficult for many women to wear close to the face, mustard yellow flats are an easy way to add a stylish pop of color to any outfit. Mustard yellow also coordinates well with several spring trends, such as floral prints or nautical themes. Use them to complement a bright outfit or to add color to a neutral one.



    Pair the flats with a neutral outfit. Mustard yellow complements whites, grays and khakis well, so bring a pop of intense color to your ensemble by finishing it off with flats in that color. Pair them with a gray dress for work or a khaki shirt and white tank for play. For a casual date outfit, wear your mustard flats with a white or khaki shirt dress. For work, mustard yellow flats and a coordinating belt, earrings or bag add interest to a white button-down shirt paired with khaki pants or a gray skirt.


    If you love mustard yellow but it doesn't look very good on you, pair mustard yellow flats with a nautical outfit of blue and white stripes. They look cute with a blue-and-white-striped tank dress or a denim skirt paired with a similarly striped top. For cooler days, try a nautical-themed sweater or top with white pants and mustard yellow flats.


    Add them to an outfit featuring floral patterns and purples or teals. Every spring, florals make a fashion statement, and mustard yellow adds a little sunshine to your springtime garb. Mustard yellow flats will look great with anything floral--a dress, a top paired with jeans or even a fantastically printed spring jacket--as long as you choose a print with colors that are complemented by the warm mustard tones. Choose warm tones of purple or teal, as well as reds or pinks.


    Go primary: Pair your mustard yellow flats with a mod, intense fashion statement of reds and blues. Try a bright red or navy blue dress, paired with mustard yellow flats and a complementary bag. This look can be difficult to pull off, however; make sure to stick to just those three colors. If, for example, you decide to both wear a blue belt and carry a blue bag, make sure the shades of blue are exactly the same.

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How to Replace the Toggle on the KEEN Shoe Drawstring

KEEN drawstring sandals and shoes feature a push button toggle known as the "lace lock for shoe fitting/adjustment. Instead of pulling, tying and knotting laces, KEEN drawstring shoe owners simply need to push the button on top of the toggle, slide the toggle into a desired position and then release the button to lock the laces. Lace lock replacement is required when the button no longer works or the toggle plastic cracks and can no longer hold the laces into position.



    Remove the broken toggle/lace lock. Push the edge of a small flathead screwdriver into the seam between the lace joint and the lace joint cap at the end of your shoelaces until the cap pops out of the lace joint. Pull the lace ends from the cap and then slide the pieces (joint and cap) from your laces. Push down on the toggle/lace lock button and slide the toggle/lock from your laces.


    Replace the toggle/lace lock. Push down the button on top of your new toggle to open the lock holes. While holding down the button, slide the left lace end through the corresponding left toggle hole and then repeat with the right.


    Re-attach the lace joint. Slide the toggle/lace lock to the top of your shoe and then release the lock button. Slide the lace ends through the holes on the lace joint. Push the joint back onto the laces leaving approximately an inch of the lace ends hanging loose.


    Insert the ends of your laces securely into the slots on the lace joint cap.


    Push the lace joint and cap together. Pull on the shoelaces behind the lace joint to draw the cap toward the joint and then gently push the cap into the joint. If necessary, push the pieces together using pliers.

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How to Refurbish Boots

When colder temperatures roll around, it's time to bring out your boots. Whether they are knee-high boots, steel-toed Doc Martens or ankle boots, they might be in need of some TLC before you wear them again. Depending on the boots' materials and condition, it might be as easy as giving them a good cleaning yourself.



    Clean your boots. (You should do this weekly.) Remove dirt and mud with a stiff brush and a few drops of water. Then go over your boots with a soft sponge that is damp (not dripping wet). For tougher stains, use a saddle soap specifically formulated for the boots' material, such as suede or leather. Make sure you remove all traces of soap residue after cleaning.


    Protect your boots with a waterproof conditioner after cleaning. Look for one that contains lanolin to protect against rain and weather damage. Make sure the conditioner is safe to use on the material of the boots.


    Allow your boots to air-dry for at least 24 hours before touching them again.


    Buff leather boots with shoe polish. (This should be done once a month for maintenance.) Choose a polish color that matches the boots. If you are unsure, bring your boots to a shoemaker or shoe-repair store and get a professional opinion.


    Polish the boots gently with a soft cloth until they shine. Wear plastic gloves so your hands will stay clean.


    Take your shoes to a cobbler if your boots have serious damage, such as loose soles or broken heels. A professional will analyze the boots' conditions and give you an estimate.

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How to Fix the Sole of a Dress Shoe

Nothings worse than having your shoes come apart after a night of dancing. It doesnt matter if theyre cheap or expensive. Even the nicest pair of dress shoes can come apart from time to time. Buying a new pair of shoes or shoe repair can be awfully expensive. You may not even have the time to repair your own pair of shoes. But quickly and inexpensively, and without much effort, you can temporarily fix the soles of your dress shoes. Keep these tools in your purse for the next time your dress shoes come apart.



    Open the superglue or Shoe Goo. Make sure that the tub is open. If it isnt, punch a hole through it with a pin.


    Squeeze the superglue or Shoe Goo on the sole of your dress shoes. Glue only the sole that is coming apart. Squirt a good amount, but not too much. Read the directions for more guidance.


    Hold the sole and shoe together until they are completely dried and sealed. Keep your fingers away from the glued part of the sole.


    Make sure the sole is sealed. Repeat if the glue didnt fix the sole. Feel free to use the superglue or Shoe Goo on other shoes for a temporary fix.

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