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What is The Correct Shoe for Excessive Pronation?

What is The Correct Shoe for Excessive Pronation?

Excessive pronation is a condition where the foot rolls too far inward and downward as you walk. Some pronation is normal, but too much causes the arch to flatten and soft tissue to stretch. In order to prevent further aggravating the condition, it is best to invest in motion-control, or anti-pronating, shoes.

Results of Incorrect Shoes

    Because the foot turns too far inward, the arch flattens with each step without the proper shoes. Conditions that can then occur as a result include arch pain, bunions, plantar fascitis, ankle sprains, shin splints, Achilles Tendonitis, corns, calluses, flat feet and hammer toes. Wearing motion-control shoes can help to prevent these problems.

Definition of Motion Control Shoes

    A motion control, or anti-pronation shoe helps to limit the degree that your foot pronates. One of the features that make motion control shoes different than other shoes is that the midsole, which is the shoe's cushioning system, is much firmer and extends from the top of the toe to the back of the heel.


    The medial post is a wedge of particularly dense material that extends from the heel to the ball of the foot. This supports the foot so it doesn't roll in as much. The Rollbar is a lightweight flat or molded piece of graphite material positioned in the heel of the midsole that increases stability in the back of the foot. Particularly in motion-control running shoes, you will find slip lastings and board lastings. Slip lasting is when the upper part of the shoe is connected directly to the midsole. It is not as efficient at stopping pronation as board lasting, which occurs when the upper part of the shoe is connected to an additional layer of material. Also important is the rigid heel counter, which is the plastic piece of the shoe in the back of and also on either side of the heel.

How to Test a Shoe for Anti-Pronation

    Hold the shoe with your hand at its widest point. Twist the shoe with the other hand as if the ankle was turning inward. The more difficult it is to twist, the more effective it is in preventing excessive pronation. To check the firmness of the heel counter, squeeze it between two fingers. The more difficulty you have in squeezing it, the firmer it is, and the better it will be in motion stability.


    Some brands to look for when shopping for motion-control shoes are Acorn, Bite, Brooks, Chaco, Comfortrite, Darco, GentleSteop, Drew, Finn Comfort, Kumfs, Moszkito, Naot, Orthaheel, Orthofeet, PG Lite, P.W. Minor, Sanita and Standing Comfort. No matter what brand or shoe you choose, be sure to replace them regularly as the technology begins to wear out.

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Do Ugg Boots Stretch?

Ugg boots have become a fashion staple since their arrival on the U.S. shores in the early 2000s. Introduced in new styles every season in colorful standout shades to stay on trend, Ugg remains warm and comfortable. Making them a must-have for people when it gets chilly outside, but even in popularity people are still daunted with the question: Do Ugg boots stretch? Here are some facts to help you figure out that question.


    Ugg makes sheepskin boots, designed for casual, short-term comfort often with a synthetic sole. A wool inner lining made of soft shank and Merino sheepskin along with wide rounded-toe box, wide shaft, and wide heel box meant to enhance the non-constricting heelless sole comfort. Since the late 1960s beginning with surfers in Australia keeping their feet and legs warm from the cold ocean water to the 21st century where young Hollywood began strutting their stuff in the classic Ugg boots, these shoes have made a statement.


    The Ugg brand has expanded its original tall boot fashion: short, wedged, outer leather exterior and sandals. Uggs can be worn all year long, take them to the beach or skiing with socks (wool socks preferably), but most people prefer to wear them barefoot. Wearing them barefoot allows the fleece cushioning to mold to your feet allowing air to circulate, soak up moisture when feet get hot and still remain lightweight; this is due to the leather used making them extremely porous. Ugg's popularity stems from the unique natural insulation properties of sheepskin and simple innovative construction.


    Retailers recommend the classic and knit designs (short or tall) bought a half to full size smaller than your normal shoe size because the boots will stretch. Usually by your fourth to fifth wear, there will be some give in the upper leg shaft extending down to the overall foot bed. Buying them small is beneficial because it will keep your boots snug. The weather conditions, daily function, and amount of use all determine how long your Ugg boots will last.

Take Into Consideration

    Never wash your Ugg boots. They are natural suede and must be taken care of in the same way as a suede coat; a damp washcloth is best. In addition, a suede brush or eraser easily removes scuffs and dirt from the boot surface. If the boot should get wet, place near a heater to let it dry, then brush the interior wool lightly to fluff and also brush the exterior.


    Do not wear Ugg boots in excessively muddy or wet conditions that can ruin the sheepskin exterior because they're made by hand; the displacement of thread or tear can occur. Because of the soft leather used to construct them for comfort, they are not has durable as hard leather boots, but can last for years with proper care.

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How to Find Multicolored Canvas Tennis Shoes

How to Find Multicolored Canvas Tennis Shoes

Canvas tennis shoes are perfect for spring and summer wearing. They are lightweight. They feel great on the feet. Plus, you can usually get them in all kinds of cool colors, even multi-colored ones that can match any outfit. But where do you find them?



    Find a local WalMart or a SuperKmart in your city. Head on over to their shoe department and see what they have in stock.Generally, by the month of May you will find loads of canvas tennis shoes in stock at all major department stores. By the end of summer, they will be harder to find. Remember if they do not have your size in stock, in the style you want, you can always ask an associate to call the next nearest store to see if they have it in stock. They may hold it for you.


    Don't forget the major Dollar Stores. Some dollar stores such as Family Dollar and Dollar General sell some clothing and shoe items, including canvas shoes. These types of stores sometimes offer greater savings in prices, too. But be aware that you never know what you may find.


    Check to see what closeout stores may have. Stores like Big Lots, Odd Lots, Ollies sometimes have canvas shoes on hand for sale. You never know what these types of stores may offer.


    Check out shoe stores like Payless shoe stores will have a small selection of canvas tennis shoes to sell. Their prices may be higher than what you would find at a department store.


    Try sporting goods stores, many carry canvas tennis shoes. But, again, their prices will be greater than what you may find at a regular department store and you will also have a less of a selection.


    Shop online. There are many online department stores, shoes stores, sporting good stores and shoe sites that may carry canvas tennis shoes, even multi-colored ones. But be aware that if you have trouble finding shoes to fit, this may not be a great option since you can't try on the merchandise.

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How to Make Christmas Shoes

How to Make Christmas Shoes

Christmas shoes are a fun, easy way to make any outfit festive. Many stores sell these shoes for two to three times the price of regular shoes, but you can make your own using a few inexpensive craft items and your own creativity. Make a pair for yourself, or a set for the whole family, then wear them together to show your holiday spirit.



    Thread the red and green shoelaces into the sneakers. Use 1 red and 1 green for each shoe. As you lace the shoes, string the jingle bells onto the laces so that you will jingle with every step.


    Glue the rhinestones onto the shoes. Use a lot of craft glue so that you can be certain they will stick. Do not worry if the glue squishes out from under the rhinestones, as you will cover it later. Hold the rhinestones in place for about ten seconds after you apply them so that you can be sure that the glue sets completely.


    Write "Merry Christmas" on one shoe and "Happy New Year" on the other. Use the glitter fabric paints to really make your letters sparkle. Alternate the colors of the letters for a more festive effect.


    Draw circles around the immediate outside of the rhinestones with the glitter paint. The extra paint will not only cover the extra glue, but it will also help hold the rhinestones in place.


    Let the shoes dry for 24 hours. If you use a lot of thick glitter paint, then you may need to let them dry for 48 hours. Keep them in a warm, dry place. When you can touch the glitter paint and it feels hard, not mushy, under your fingers, then your shoes are ready to wear.

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How to Size Chloe Boots

The French fashion label Chloe features high-end designs on products such as coats, dresses, sunglasses, handbags and shoes. Chloe boots, which are made from fine leather, often carry a higher price tag. You'll need to make sure your boots fit comfortably in order to get your money's worth. If you want to save time at the store or if you plan on shopping online, you can measure your feet at home to find your boot size.



    Place your feet on a piece of paper, then draw a line right above your longest toe and right below the back of your heel on each foot.


    Use a ruler to measure the distance in inches between these lines to find your foot length. Keep in mind that this number might not be the same for both feet.


    Check the websites of department stores or shoe stores to find a chart that converts inches to shoe size. Find the longer of your two foot-length measurements on the chart under the inches column, then look next to it for the corresponding shoe size.


    Visit and click "Boutiques" to find a store that carries Chloe products. Click on a store to see if it sells Chloe accessories, which includes boots. Visit the store and try on boots in your size to make sure they fit. Zip up the boots all the way and walk around. The boots shouldn't pinch your feet or leave enough room for your feet to slide around.


    Click "E-shopping" on the website if you don't see any stores in your area or if you prefer to buy them online. Go to one of the online retailers listed, such as or Look for a size guide or conversion chart on the site since the boot sizes given are based on European measurements. Find your U.S. shoe size, then look below or next to it for the corresponding European size. Check the retailer's return policy before placing your order. Many places will allow you to return or exchange an item that doesn't fit, but there might be restrictions such as a limited amount of time to return the item.

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