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The Best Way to Clean Leather Sandals

The Best Way to Clean Leather Sandals

Leather sandals are always in style because they are fashionable and comfortable. However, leather can develop a variety of stains, which can make sandals appear dingy and unattractive. Since leather sandals are usually made of finished leather, they can be cleaned simply with basic solutions, such as moisturizing body soap. Fortunately, most stains can be removed from leather sandal with vinegar and water. You can restore the appearance of your leather sandals by following simple techniques.



    Wet a washcloth with water. Pour a small amount of moisturizing body soap onto the cloth and then rub the cloth together to form suds.


    Gently rub the cloth over your sandal to remove any dirt or grime. Dampen another washcloth with water.


    Rub the washcloth dampened with water over the sandal to rinse off the soap. Wipe the sandal dry with a clean towel and then repeat the process on the other sandal, if necessary.


    Remove stains from the sandal by mixing 1 part lemon juice and 1 part cream of tartar together with a spoon in a cup. Stir the ingredients until a paste forms, then wipe the paste onto the stains.


    Wipe off the paste with a clean cloth. Condition the leather by applying a leather conditioner to the sandal according to the manufacturer's directions.

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How to Buy Used Shoes Online

It is a great idea to buy used shoes online to avoid the hassles of lines at the mall. Many people don't even consider buying used shoes online, but it is a worthwhile idea. Buying used shoes online may be considered gross to some. Buying some anti-fungal spray will help you avoid getting any foot disease. Follow these steps to buy used shoes.



    Remember that buying used shoes online is just like buying shoes in a regular mall or store. People are always trying on shoes in stores and feet germs can be found in those as well.


    Purchase used shoes online that are in very good condition. On sites such as eBay, you can look for the condition to be that of "used in excellent condition." Such shoes were probably worn once or twice by the current owner.


    Measure your feet according to length and width just to be sure that you are buying used shoes to fit you. This is necessary for buying shoes on online auctions.


    Purchase some disinfecting spray to make your used shoes a bit more fresh and clean. You can purchase some anti-fungal spray or just mist the inside of the used shoes with some rubbing alcohol. This is a good preventative of getting a foot disease.


    Look to see what kind of return policy there is on the used shoes. If you are purchasing used shoes on eBay and they do not end up fitting or being what you expected, you want to be sure that you can return them.

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What Is Used to Design Ugg Boots?

Ugg boots are known to be a popular fashion trend, and are also highly effective in keeping the feet warm. Created by an Australian company, these boots have been seen on many celebrities, and have become very popular in America as a must-have for the winter season. Many wonder what these boots are comprised of to retain body heat so easily while still allowing the feet to breathe.

Sheep's Wool

    The interior of Ugg boots are made using sheep's wool. This wool works well to retain warmth and body heat, making it the perfect element for boots made for cold winter temperatures. The sheep's wool is obtained from a type of sheep called a Merino, which has thick, breathable fur that allows feet to breathe.


    The leather-like exterior of the Ugg boot is made of the hide of the sheep. The skin that is used comes from sheep that are killed primarily for meat, which is very popular in many countries. The skin is sent to a tanning shop to be cleaned, processed and turned into a workable piece of material made for shoe manufacturing. Next, the skin is dyed to the color requested by the boot manufacturer, then cut into sections for easy sewing.


    Rubber is used to design the soles of the Ugg boots. A manufacturing facility designs and creates the boot soles, made in different measurements to be compatible with numerous shoe sizes. This rubber creates a nonslip boot surface, great for outdoor and winter wear. Rubber is also very durable, allowing for numerous wears without rubber sole deterioration.

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Shoe Inserts to Make Boots Warmer

If you consistently have cold feet, or often partake in outdoor activities, you can use shoe inserts to make your feet warmer. There are a variety of types of shoe warmers: some that are battery activated or actually heated, and some that are just made of warm materials. You can find shoe warming inserts in stores, online or you can make them yourself at home.

Battery Operated

    Battery-operated shoe inserts are ideal for long exposure to cold weather, such as sporting events, hunting expeditions or fishing trips in cold weather. There are several different companies that make battery-operated shoe warmers, but all of them are made generally the same. These inserts use AA batteries to heat the insole of your shoe. The inserts fit comfortably inside the shoe and will keep your feet warm throughout the course of the day. Some companies also offer shoe warmers that heat the shaft of a boot, warming your legs as well. Battery-operated shoe warmers are made by companies such as Cozy Products, Thermo Soles and Cozy Feet.

Fuzzy Insoles

    If you are simply looking for a more permanent way to warm your feet, consider installing fuzzy inserts into your shoes. Purchase shoe-warming inserts made from natural warm materials, such as sheepskin, wool or alpaca fiber. Slip these inserts into high heels, boots or even a pair of slippers to immediately make them less drafty. You can purchase fuzzy insoles on websites such as Amazon.com and ColonialMedical.com.


    It is easy to make your own shoe warmers, as well. Go to a fabric store and purchase 2 feet of wool, lambskin or warm fleece. Remove the insole from your shoe and trace the shape onto the wool. Cut out the shape and slide them into your shoe. If you are worried about the insert slipping, use double-sided tape or fabric glue to secure it to the bottom of the shoe.

Air Activated

    There are many different types of air-activated shoe and toe warmers on the market. These inserts are low priced and disposable, but they also last longer than the battery-operated warmers. Air-activated warmers have one adhesive side that will stick to your sock. Once the foot warmer is exposed to air, it will last for several hours, slowly lessening in heat as the day goes on. These types of foot warmers can be found at sporting good stores, WalMart, Target and most drug stores.

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How to Make Flip Flops Comfortable

How to Make Flip Flops Comfortable

Who does not love wearing flip flops in the summer? They take seconds to put on and look great with any casual outfit. The only problem is that flip flops are not always comfortable. When worn for extended periods of time, some models--rubber ones, in particular--can rub the skin raw and scar it. Fortunately, this does not mean that flip flop enthusiasts must give up their beloved footwear. There are several simple remedies that can help make flip flops more comfortable.



    Place flip flop toe cushions onto the sole to prevent blistering between the toes and on the balls of the feet.


    Line the flip flop with a special insole that has a split in it to help it fit around the thong between the toes. Insoles not only decrease friction, but also prevent pain in the arch of the foot when walking for long periods of time.


    Wrap each thong in strips of soft fabric in a color and pattern of your choice. Use a needle and thin thread to sow to attach the strips to each other. Dab a drop of Superglue to secure the fabric in place at the end of each thong.

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