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How to Get Dirt Off of Ivory Satin Shoes

Satin is a common fabric for footwear because the shine creates a nice enhancement for traditional shoes. Ivory and white satin shoes are common for wedding attire and have been used for years by women around the world. But satin is difficult to clean; water is often not recommended for the fabric, as water stains are common and impossible to reverse.



    Place the shoes in a warm, dry spot in your home. Be careful to avoid placing them in direct heat or direct sunlight as that will only help to set the stain.


    Allow the shoes to dry for 24 hours and then take them to an area where you are comfortable working on them.


    Take an old toothbrush and dip it lightly in water. Do not submerge the brush and shake it semi-dry before applying it to the shoe. Lightly brush off any excess mud or dirt that is now dried onto the shoe in the direction of the fabric pattern. Normally the fabric is stretched over the shoe vertically, so move the brush in a downward motion.


    Once all of the excess mud or dirt is removed, you will be left with a dirt stain. Take the Tide To Go pen and carefully rub it in a downward motion on the areas where the stains are.


    Once you have removed as much of the stain as possible, take a barely damp cloth and lightly rub it over the area to remove any remaining dirt. Set the shoes in a warm, dry location to finish drying.

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How to Convert to UK Shoe Size

Just like all other items of clothing, shoe size standards vary depending on the manufacturer. To confuse consumers even further, the numbers used to determine shoe size can vary depending on the country where the shoes were produced, as well as the country where they'll be marketed.
One popular source for shoes is England (and the rest of the United Kingdom). Of course, Britain has its own unique way of configuring shoe sizes.



    Calculate men's shoe sizes. In general, UK men's shoe sizes are only a half-size different from American men's shoe sizes. For example, if you normally wear an American size 9, you will wear a size 8 1/2 in a UK shoe size. But the European equivalent to an American men's 9 is size 43.


    Look at women's shoe sizes. American women's shoe sizes are 2 1/2 size numbers different than British sizes. A women's size 8 in America is size 5 1/2 in England and size 38 1/2 in the European system.


    Measure children's sizes very carefully. Little girls' shoes are a smaller size number in the UK--an American size 12 1/2 is a British size 11. Little boys' shoes are a half-size different--an American size 13 is a British size 12 1/2.

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How to Protect Uggs

Uggs are comfortable and warm sheepskin boots, popularized by surf culture in Australia, California, and Hawaii. Uggs can keep you protected from the elements, whether that be beach waves, rain, sleet, or snow. Naturally water resistant, your Ugg Australia boots are relatively easy to care for, but it is important to remember that hand washing is the recommended.



    Be vigilant about stains and problem spots and take care of them as they happen. Gently clean the stained or spoiled area with cold water. Make a diluted cleaner, consisting of half water and half safe cleaner or a safe conditioner. Apply the solution to a sponge, not directly to the boot.


    Use the sponge to lightly and gently clean the boot, as aggressive scrubbing could be damaging to the material. Wipe stained or spoiled areas lightly. Do take care not to soak the boot.


    Allow the boot to dry naturally. Stuff with newspaper or other material to help it maintain its shape. Do not use lamps or blow dryers to try to get it to try faster.


    Use a soft brush to gently smooth the fibers after the boot has dried. Try to brush in a single direction.


    Clean as often as possible and repeat the above steps to take care of spots as they happen.

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How to Know if Your Sneakers Fit

How to Know if Your Sneakers Fit

Comfort plays a key role in determining whether your sneakers fit or not; however, there are other ways to decide if a shoe is too small, too big or just right. Dr. Graham Leese of the diabetic unit at Ninewells Hospital and Medical Center, states that about 63 percent of people wear the wrong sized shoe. In addition, people who do not have a lot of feeling in their feet, such as those with diabetes, may not know they are wearing the wrong size until it is too late. Always measure your feet when purchasing new shoes and be aware of how the sneaker fits.



    Wiggle your feet to feel how much toe room you have at the front of the shoe. Shoes that are too tight will press against your toes or toenails and create an uncomfortable sensation.


    Walk around in the shoes to get a feel for how they fit. Determine if your toes rub the front of the shoe or if the back of the shoe has more than a 1/4-inch gap. These factors are an indication that the shoe is either too small or too big.


    Measure your feet with a Brannock Foot Measuring Device to get your correct shoe size. These are found at shoe stores and will measure the foot length, width and arch. Have a professional shoe salesperson measure your foot, or measure it yourself. Remember to wear socks when measuring your foot size.


    Choose the larger size if your feet are two different sizes. Many people have slightly different feet sizes. Purchase the shoes in the size of the larger foot to prevent wearing a shoe that is too small.


    Lace your sneakers correctly and avoid tying them too loosely or tightly. Laces that are not tied correctly may cause your sneakers to be uncomfortable and make you think the shoe is the wrong size. If the top of your shoe is snug, loosen your laces and walk to determine if the shoes feel better.


    Shop during the late afternoon when your feet are at their largest as feet will swell throughout the day due to walking and food intake. Purchase a pair of shoes that will be comfortable throughout the day.

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