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The Effects of Wearing Flat Shoes

The Effects of Wearing Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are the ultimate in comfort. However, wearing flat shoes can have several different effects on your foot health and on the way people perceive you. Make sure that your shoes fit both your feet and the occasion before you opt for this comfortable, leisurely style.


    Flat shoes are designed for comfort and effective walking. However, even flat shoes can hurt your feet if they do not have arch support to help keep your feet in the proper position while walking. Flat shoes can also help minimize your height and give you an appearance and a feeling of being ready for anything.


    Flat shoes can have thin soles, thick rubber soles or even paper soles. They tend to cover the entire bottom of the foot, but they have little built-in support inside the shoe. Flat shoes can be extremely athletic or very fashionable, depending on your preferred style.


    These flats have no support at all and may be extremely painful to wear.

    Flat shoes come in many forms. Ballet flats are very popular, but they can actually seriously injure your feet over time because they provide no arch or ankle support. Flat tennis shoes give you a bouncy look and feeling, while flip flops are easy to kick on and off.


    Flat shoes have a variety of effects on your feet. Most of them are good, since flats are far easier on your feet than heels, which place unusual amounts of pressure on your toes and the ball of your foot. However, flip flops often cause blisters, and wearing ballet flats or other unsupported forms of flats can create serious arch problems over time and make it painful to walk.

    Even more serious effects of wearing flat shoes with little or no arch support exclusively include fallen arches, which are extremely painful and make walking difficult and exercise virtually impossible. One may also get inflamed tissues along the bottom of the foot. The latter condition is called plantar fasciitis, and it can ultimately require medication and even surgery to heal if you do not correct your footwear.

    Flats without arch support also can cause lower back and ankle pain due to the "clopping" gait that they encourage.


    These pumps are no harder to walk in than flats, but provide a far more support.

    High heels have such a bad reputation that many people think that flat shoes are always a better alternative. However, a good pair of heels with healthy supports can actually serve you far better than a poorly made pair of flats. Regardless of what type of shoe you wear, make sure it fits snugly and does not place undue pressure on your toes, which can cause corns and bunions. Also, if your arches start to hurt while wearing flats, get an insert that will cushion your arches and keep them in the proper position.


    Flat shoes are great for walking, but they are not always safe for working environments. If you are going to be touring a construction site, for example, make sure that you have thick soles on your flats. If necessary, they should have steel toes. Also, if you are going for a job interview and you are a woman, you should avoid wearing flats if possible. They tend to appear unprofessional with female business attire, and that can hurt your overall impression.

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How to Wash Shoes in a High Efficiency Washing Machine

Sometimes tennis shoes get dirty and stinky, and need a thorough washing to refresh them again. To do this, you don't have to hose them off outside, or throw them away and buy a new pair. It is perfectly safe to wash shoes in a washing machine. If you know the right way to use a washing machine to clean shoes, they will come out looking as good as new, and you will be saved a lot of hassle. Remove the shoe strings, and wash your shoes on the gentle cycle, and they will be shiny and clean in no time.


How to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine


    Remove the shoestrings from the tennis shoes. Pour a small amount of color safe bleach into a sink full of water and soak the shoestrings for a few hours. If the shoestrings are white, you can use regular bleach instead.


    Wet the toothbrush and dip it into the laundry detergent. Place one hand inside the shoe, and use the other hand to scrub the rubber soles of the shoes to remove all of the dirt. Use a wet washcloth to remove the soap. Rinse the toothbrush.


    Squeeze whitening toothpaste on the toothbrush and gently scrub the leather and other non-fabric white areas of the shoes. Focus on the areas around the shoelaces, and the heel and sides of the shoe. Wipe the excess toothpaste off with a wet washcloth.


    Place the shoes in a laundry bag and put them inside the washing machine. Set the machine on the "Delicate" or "Gentle Cycle" setting and add laundry detergent. When the shoes have finished washing, set them in the sun to dry, which will help to remove any odor in the shoes.

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How to Rent Designer Shoes

A love for designer shoes is a problem if you can't afford to purchase them. The newest styles from your favorite designers can cost more than your rent. But just like you rent your apartment, you can also rent a pair of designer shoes. If you absolutely need a pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolos for your next event, you should check it out.



    Poke around a small, local boutique if you're just a regular person without ties to the fashion industry. The owners might be willing to lend out some of their pricey footwear, especially if you're going to wear them someplace where you could promote the store.


    Check out a website such as Montana Rader (see additional resources), which usually rents to photographers and models. However, they're also willing to rent to those who pay the monthly fee, along with an extra charge for the shoes. These sites generally only let you have the shoe for a couple of days with a lot of restrictions.


    Read the contract before you finalize any rental. If you violate any the of company's restrictions you may end up having to pay full price for the designer shoes anyway.


    Dig through the stock of a local consignment shop, where you could find designer shoes at a discounted price. You can sell the items back to the store when you're finished with them.

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How to Make String Flip Flops

How to Make String Flip Flops

We all like the comfort of a pair of flip flops in the summer. The come in an array of colors and match everyday casual clothing. But adding string to a flip flop can make it even more appealing. It gives the sandals a new stylish look that can be worn with jeans, shorts and dresses. The ties on the ankle draw attention to your legs and feet for a feminine, sexy look. It only takes minutes to get this look at home. You can create and style your own string flip flops.


    Flip Flop

    Put on a snug fitting shoe, put your foot down on a piece of soft flexible plastic and trace around the shoe for your flip flop pattern. Cut the pattern out. Place your foot on the pattern and mark between the toes and on the sides of the sandal. These will be the holes you thread your string through. Cut the holes with the scissors. To cut a perfect hole, place one of the scissors blades on the spot you have marked and twist it in a circle.


    Figure out how long you want your string to be. Take a string and measure the length you would like it to be, by tying it around your foot and ankle as it will be when it's attached to the flip flop. The longer the string, the more times you can wrap it around your ankle. If you want two strings just cut another and add it to the first.


    Thread the string through the toe hole. Measure half way down the string and tie a knot. Thread the string back through the hole. The toe string should now be secure. You can use a small tipped screwdriver or tweezers to insert the knot into the hole.


    Tie a knot an inch and a half from the toe. Then pull the strings through the sides of the sandal and make sure the string is not too tight or loose before tying down the knot on the bottom of the side holes. Thread them through to the top, again. You can now wrap the string ties around your ankles.

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