Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Replace the Toggle on the KEEN Shoe Drawstring

KEEN drawstring sandals and shoes feature a push button toggle known as the "lace lock for shoe fitting/adjustment. Instead of pulling, tying and knotting laces, KEEN drawstring shoe owners simply need to push the button on top of the toggle, slide the toggle into a desired position and then release the button to lock the laces. Lace lock replacement is required when the button no longer works or the toggle plastic cracks and can no longer hold the laces into position.



    Remove the broken toggle/lace lock. Push the edge of a small flathead screwdriver into the seam between the lace joint and the lace joint cap at the end of your shoelaces until the cap pops out of the lace joint. Pull the lace ends from the cap and then slide the pieces (joint and cap) from your laces. Push down on the toggle/lace lock button and slide the toggle/lock from your laces.


    Replace the toggle/lace lock. Push down the button on top of your new toggle to open the lock holes. While holding down the button, slide the left lace end through the corresponding left toggle hole and then repeat with the right.


    Re-attach the lace joint. Slide the toggle/lace lock to the top of your shoe and then release the lock button. Slide the lace ends through the holes on the lace joint. Push the joint back onto the laces leaving approximately an inch of the lace ends hanging loose.


    Insert the ends of your laces securely into the slots on the lace joint cap.


    Push the lace joint and cap together. Pull on the shoelaces behind the lace joint to draw the cap toward the joint and then gently push the cap into the joint. If necessary, push the pieces together using pliers.

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