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How to Soften Uncomfortable High Heels

How to Soften Uncomfortable High Heels

You got a killer pair of high heels you can't wait to wear. But as you put them on, you notice they're incredibly uncomfortable. Now you're wondering how you're going to wear these heels all day or night. But there are some things you can do to soften uncomfortable high heels.



    Practice wearing your heels around your house so you can gradually get used to them.


    Increase the amount of time you're wearing your shoes by half an hour every day. Start with just wearing them for an hour or two and work your way up. As soon as they get uncomfortable, take them off.


    Purchase heel inserts and gel pads for your shoes to keep them from being uncomfortable. In a pinch, put a band aid on your heel to prevent uncomfortable high heels from causing a blister on your heel.


    Try putting on damp socks and walking around your house in your heels. The damp socks will stretch the heels so they shouldn't be so painful. However, make sure you don't stretch your shoes out too much or they won't fit and will cause blisters.


    Make sure your high heels fit your feet properly. Try on new shoes late in the day when feet are swollen. In general, the more expensive the shoe is, the better it'll fit your feet.

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