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How to Choose Workout Shoes

How to Choose Workout Shoes

When you choose a pair of workout shoes you need to know what to look for. This is not the time to worry about what looks good. If you do that you could be in a world of hurt come workout time. It's time to be practical and think about things like support and comfort. If you can get both that's great, but go for feel first not looks!



    Good workout shoes are important for support, stability, motion, balance and comfort as you exercise. Depending on what type of exercise you do it will vary to what degree this applies.

    For example, someone who does high impact aerobics and lifts weights 5 days a week will need a totally different type of shoe than someone who walks 20 minutes 3 days a week.

    The first task at hand then is to decide what type of exercise you're going to do in the shoes. If you're just starting out and are unsure what type of exercise to pursue do yourself a favor and decide before you buy. There's nothing worse than trying to workout in pain!


    If you plan to use your workout shoes for the gym and are going to be doing several types of training you may want to have two pairs of shoes. For example, let's say you do cardio for 45 minutes and weight training for 60 minutes. It might be a good idea to switch shoes from running shoes to cross trainers or even special weight lifter shoes before you lift.

    Or if your cardio isn't very intense only 20 minutes or so then a good cross trainer shoe would do and you could wear those the entire time. Sometimes it's not so cut and dry as one would think.

    Then maybe you leave the gym to go play basketball. What then? For basketball you need a quality shoe with all the perks mentioned above support, stability, balance etc; don't play without proper shoes.


    When you plan to do different types of training you need the right shoes. Or else you will pay by having injuries, blisters and possibly fractures. I know this because I did it. I wore the wrong shoes to play tennis and ended up with a stress fracture that put me out of commission for 3 months. Don't let this happen to you!

    If you're a runner, for instance, you need a light weight, sturdy shoe with strong motion control. Or maybe even stability shoes that are a tad lighter with cushion if you have a high arch. As you can see it's not a good idea to buy workout shoes just for looks it requires careful thought and planning.


    I wear cross trainers for most everything like walking, weight training and cardio this is because I believe they do the job. Cross trainers are great for aerobics and kickboxing or anything that requires quick movement direction changes or high impact.

    Naturally, you want a comfortable fit a good rule of thumb is a 1/2 inch larger than a dress shoe, so that the foot can expand. Then of course quality socks are a must, a good cotton blend should do for most types of exercise.

    One last thing to consider is insoles for arch support and comfort and of course keep workout shoes clean and odor free to avoid athlete's foot.

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