Friday, October 30, 2015

How to Identify Fake UGG Designer Boots

Ugg boots are a designer style of boot made of sheepskin and originating in Australia. It is also the trademarked name for the UGG boots brand. Generally, Ugg boots can be expensive like most designer fashions. However, some people try to save money by buying fake Ugg boots. Imitation, knock-off Uggs do not look like the real thing. Learn how to find and identify fake Ugg boots so you are not duped into buying cheap, fake Uggs.



    Research the seller of the Ugg boots. Various Internet websites that specialize in selling designer clothing and fashion, such as eBay and similar auction websites, are known to be places where sellers try to get rid of fake designer knockoffs. On the other hand, Ugg boots being sold in a department store are most likely genuine. However, this rule doesn't apply everywhere, and sometimes you may find real Ugg boots on eBay.


    Check the price. If the price for the Ugg boots are too good to be true, it most likely is. Ugg boots are known to be quite expensive. Classic Ugg boots start at about $60, though various other Ugg boot fashions and styles can cost up to $200. A cheap pair of Ugg boots may mean they are fake, counterfeit designer goods.


    Read the Ugg boot tag. If it's made in China, they are genuine Ugg boots.


    Feel the boot material and inspect the manufacturing. Real Ugg boots are made with high-quality cloth and material, and the stitches and workmanship will be solid. Cheap Ugg boot knockoffs and fake Ugg boots will use cheaper fabric and have loose stitches.


    Avoid buying Ugg boots from un-reputable third parties. Purchase Ugg boots from reputable sellers and dealers to protect yourself from wasting money on cheap Ugg boots that aren't the real thing. That doesn't mean you have to pay a lot of money. Many reputable dealers sell real Ugg boots through Amazon (link in the Resource section) at prices that are considerably lower than department stores. Also, check garage sales and vintage stores for used Ugg boots at a discount.

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