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How to Put on Rubber Boots

How to Put on Rubber Boots

Rubber boots have many names: overshoes, galoshes or rain boots. No matter what you call your rubber boots, the function and purpose remains the same: protecting your feet from water. Putting on rubber boots with ease is determined by purchasing the correct size of boots. The boots must be large enough to fit over the wearers everyday shoes. The best fit is ensured by trying on the boots while wearing your normal shoes. Some rubber boots are meant to be worn alone. Wear these boots as you would normal shoes or boots.


Putting Rubber Boots Over Shoes


    Sit on a chair or bed and prop your shoed feet in front of you on a stool or table if available. If youre comfortable sitting on the floor and pulling your leg up beside you, this is an easy way to put on your rubber boots too.


    Grasp the top opening of the rubber boot with each hand on both sides of the rubber boot. Some rubber boots are made with handles on each side of the boot which aid in pulling the rubber boots onto your feet. These handles are most often found on children's sized rubber boots.


    Insert your shoed foot into the boot opening, while tugging the boot over your shoes.


    Continue to pull on the rubber boot until the boot is over your shoe/foot. Snap or button any closures on the top edge of the rubber boot if one is present. There may be a loop that you stretch over the shank of a button to close the top of the rubber boot. The closure is for further waterproofing and warmth and also helps keep the boot securely on your foot.

Putting on Wear Alone Rubber Boots


    Sit in a comfortable position where you can reach your feet easily. There are some brands of rubber shoes that do not require you to wear regular shoes beneath. These rubber boots sometimes have a fleece or wool lining for warmth. If your rubber boot is a wear-alone rubber boot with no warm lining, wear extra thick socks for warmth and comfort. These boots are sized according to the size shoe/boot that you normally wear.


    Grasp each side of the boot with each of your hands and pull the boot over your foot, pulling the boot over your ankle and to the appropriate position of your leg. Rubber boots come in ankle to over-the-knee height. Pick a boot that is comfortable for you and serves your purposes.


    Close the boot according to the closure built into the boot: zipper, buttons, or hook and eyes. Some children's rubber boots have snaps.

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