Monday, May 2, 2016

How to Customize Your Chuck Taylor All Stars

How to Customize Your Chuck Taylor All Stars

Chuck Taylor All Stars are such cool shoes that have been around for nearly a century. Believe it or not they can be customized to show case either you art work or personal style, there are many possibilities.



    Select a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars from you nearest shoe department store such as Journey's or Foot Locker. They can range in color, and come in various patterns as well.


    Think about how you want to customize your Chuck Taylors. For example, if you have all black Chucks you can choose to write poetry on them with a silver permanent marker, use crazy glue to add rhinestones and lace them with thick shoe strings.


    Ever seen spray painted Chuck Taylor All Stars? They look pretty sick! (Sick meaning good). If you're experienced with using spray paint you can spray paint your name on the side of all white Chucks (or what ever color you'd like). If you're not experienced you can find people who will be able to do it for you by searching online.


    Do you have cool embroidery patches that you think would look great on your Chucks? If so, all you've got to do is sow them in. The same goes for studs, simply push them into the fabric of your shoes and bend the back half down so they stay in place. You could choose to sow throughout the show with cool colored thread. Basically, do whatever you want to make your Chucks cool.

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