Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Create a Custom Dress Shoe

There are many different styles of shoes available today, but many of them don't have the glamorous appeal that people look for. With shoes, there's always a risk that you'll have a similar pair as the individual you met at your aunt's wedding. What to do? Customize. Customizing your shoes with sequins or beads is fun, and best yet, you'll own shoes that no one else will have.



    Purchase an inexpensive pair of black ballerina flats. These shoes can be purchased from a chain discount store or shoe outlets. Make sure your shoes are comfortable so you can wear them without complaint.


    Buy crystal studs from your local craft store. The crystal studs come in many colors and are usually sold in packs of 100 studs or more. You can purchase these studs in silver, gold, neon, pastel, or primary colors. The studs are sold in large and small varieties.


    Heat your hot glue gun. While heating the glue gun, place the gun on a paper plate. The heat causes some of the glue to leak out of the gun, so protect your tabletops.


    Arrange your studs on your shoes. On the top portion of the shoe, you can create flowers, sunbursts, spirals, or circles. If you're feeling really creative, you could cover the entire shoe with studs.


    Apply glue to the backs of the studs and arrange apply to the flats in the design you already determined. Let the glue dry. Here are your fancy customized dress shoes.


    Purchase inexpensive white tennis shoes from your local shoe outlet or chain discount store. Make sure the shoes are clean.


    Purchase fabric markers in the colors of your choice from your local craft store. Buy waterproof fabric Varnish. The Varnish comes in satin, flat, or glossy, so purchase wisely. If you want shiny shoes, purchase glossy Varnish. Flat Varnish doesn't have a sheen and blends in the fabric. Satin Varnish has a slight shine.


    Use your number 2 pencil to draw out your chosen design. You can draw rainbows, anime characters, abstract designs, or checkerboards.


    Finish drawing out your design. Take your fabric markers and color over your guidelines. Fill in the spaces with any color you choose. Let the marker dry overnight.


    Varnish your shoes after the marker has dried. The Varnish seals in the marker and prevents it from fading. Cover the entire canvas of the shoes. Let the Varnish dry for 24 hours. Once dry, wear your shoes proudly.

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