Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to Buy Comfortable Flip Flops

Flip-flops can be very comfortable to wear if you buy the right pair. However, if you buy the wrong pair, be sure that your feet will be hurting later on.


How To Buy Comfortable Flip Flops


    Visit a store and head straight to their flip-flop section. Evaluate what they have and what colors and types that you are looking to buy.


    Check the thickness and material of the straps on the flip-flops. This is what is going to be in between your toes and is one thing that could cause cuts or blisters if you get flip flops that have uncomfortable straps. Obviously for sanitary reasons, you shouldn't try on flip-flops in the store, so take the strap and rub it along the inside edges of your fingers. If the fabric feels too rough on the inside of your fingers, chances are it will feel uncomfortable in between your toes. If the fabric of the strap is too thick, then chances are you could have some bunching will will definitely be uncomfortable.


    Check the material of the flip-flop. If you're feet get wet or they happen to sweat while you're wearing the flip-flops, you want to make sure that your feet are still going to be able to stay in the flip-flops and not slip out.


    Check the sturdiness of the straps on the flip-flop. If they look flimsy, then pass on them and go for another pair. If you're walking and the strap suddenly snaps off, you're in for a potential trip or fall.


    Make sure that you get the correct size. Ask a sales associate for help when it comes to purchasing a size of flip-flops. Some brands will run smaller then what you would normally get and some run bigger. The sales associate should have the knowledge of what brands run larger or smaller.

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