Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Choose Shoes for a Narrow Foot

A narrow foot can look so beautiful and most would think that it would be easy to fit into a shoe. Those of you who have a narrow foot will know the struggles. In most cases you can thank one your parents for your narrow feet as they probably have them too. Narrow feet are hereditary.



    Have your feet measured to see just how narrow they are. You may have a AA width fitting which will not be available in regular shoe stores.


    Seek out the specialist shoe stores in your city that fit narrow feet. Most shoes in a regular shop are a B width fitting. So if you measure up as a AA fitting you are not going to have much luck.


    Wear an insert where possible to add some volume to the shoe. You may already have orthotics which help to pad out the shoe. This is particularly helpful if the heel of your foot is very narrow and the front of your foot is an average size.


    Go for shoes that have a lace or an adjustable strap. This will allow the shoe to be held onto your foot to prevent slipping.


    Add a pad to the tongue of the shoe or the heel to take up more room in the shoe. These can be bought from some shoe stores.


    Add an extra islet in your shoe for the lace so that it can be laced up closer to the ankle or add an extra islet to the strap of your shoe. This way you can fasten the shoe firmer or higher and it will be held on to your foot without slipping.


    Seek the help of a shoe maker of you are unable to find shoes to fit. They will be able to make you a pair of shoes to fit your narrow feet.

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