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How to Make a Roomy Slingback Fit Better

How to Make a Roomy Slingback Fit Better

There are plenty of reasons why women endure the pain of wearing high heels: they are slimming, improve your posture and dress up any outfit. But a poor-fitting high heel can cause strain and injury leading to foot deformities down the road. Wearing slingbacks that are too roomy cause your toes to clench to hold them on and increase the risk of your heel slipping off. Avoid unnecessary pain without sacrificing your favorite shoes by making a few adjustments to the shoe's fit.



    Adjust the heel strap if the slingback has a buckle. Tightening the strap will push your foot into the shoe, eliminating extra space at the heel.


    Place a partial insole into the shoe under the ball of the foot. This raises your foot by a few millimeters, filling extra space in the shoe.


    Insert a full insole in the shoe is very roomy. This raises the whole foot, not just the front. Buy an insole that can be trimmed to fit the shape of the shoe so it doesn't show at the open heel.


    Layer two full insoles if the shoe is still two roomy. Walk around the house to be sure they are steady to walk in with two insoles.


    Insert gel toe pads into the toe box of closed-toed slingbacks. Ballet dancers use these to cushion their toes in pointed shoes and to fill in the toe box. They are quite thick, so use them if the slingback's toe box is very roomy.

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