Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Protect Leather Shoes From Water Damage

Leather boots are a definite wardrobe staple in the winter and fall months. But wearing them in snowy or rainy weather can be dangerous. Leather can get spotted and even shrink. But a simple solution added to the leather can make the leather waterproof. This solution is made of a type of wax that, when absorbed into the leather, protects it from water damage. It is fairly inexpensive and easy to apply.



    Spread paper towels across your work surface. Work somewhere that you can leave the boots for a few hours after you are done with them.


    Open the Sno-Seal. Use a paper towel to scoop up some of the solution and begin spreading a thin layer across the leather.


    Rub the snow seal into the leather of the boots, making sure it is applied evenly without any globs or missed spots.


    Aim a hair dryer at the leather to melt the solution. It will turn to a liquid and slowly absorb.


    Leave the boots to dry for a few hours before wearing them.

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