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How to Get Rid of the White Stain on Ugg Boots

How to Get Rid of the White Stain on Ugg Boots

Suede Ugg boots are fashionable and functional, keeping your feet stylishly warm. When you're walking through snow and sleet, your Ugg boots are exposed to stain-causing road salt. Combined with the moisture from snow and slush, road salt is notorious for leaving white stains on boots and shoes. Ugg boots aren't cheap, and you'll get more for your money by removing the stains promptly -- keeping them in the best possible condition.


    An old toothbrush is handy for boot cleaning.
    An old toothbrush is handy for boot cleaning.

    Move an old, soft toothbrush back and forth over the dried salt stains. Vigorously brush the suede surface of your Uggs, to flake off dried salt residue.


    Combine 2 tbsp. each of white vinegar and water in a bowl, to make a salt stain removing solution.


    Moisten a sponge with the vinegar solution, and wring out the excess so the sponge is only damp. Wipe the remaining white salt stains to remove them. As the stains are lifting, move to a clean portion of the sponge and continue to wipe.


    Blot the surface of your Ugg boots dry with a clean cloth. Allow the boots to air-dry overnight. Brush the suede again with a soft toothbrush, to fluff up the suede.

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