Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Get Mud Off My White Leather Boots

Mud looks bad on any color of boots, but of course it shows up starkly against white leather. Appearance isn't the only problem, however. Mud dries out leather if you do not remove it promptly. If you can, remove the mud while it is still wet. If you have to wait to clean the boots and the mud dries, you may need to condition the leather extra to regain the suppleness.



    Dampen a cloth and wipe off all the mud you can this way. You may need to rinse out the cloth or switch to a new cloth when the first becomes heavily soiled.


    Brush the boots gently with a soft-bristled brush to loosen more mud from the leather. Use a toothbrush to brush mud from seams.


    Wipe the boots again with a fresh damp cloth to clean the loosened mud. Apply a leather cleaner to the boots and rub it over the boots until all the mud has been removed.


    Rub leather conditioner into the boots to replace lost oils. Work it into the leather with a dry cloth.


    Allow the boots to dry naturally. Touch up the white leather, if necessary with white leather shoe polish after the boots have dried. Most mud won't stain the leather, but red clay mud may. White polish can cover the stains.

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