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How to Make String Flip Flops

How to Make String Flip Flops

We all like the comfort of a pair of flip flops in the summer. The come in an array of colors and match everyday casual clothing. But adding string to a flip flop can make it even more appealing. It gives the sandals a new stylish look that can be worn with jeans, shorts and dresses. The ties on the ankle draw attention to your legs and feet for a feminine, sexy look. It only takes minutes to get this look at home. You can create and style your own string flip flops.


    Flip Flop

    Put on a snug fitting shoe, put your foot down on a piece of soft flexible plastic and trace around the shoe for your flip flop pattern. Cut the pattern out. Place your foot on the pattern and mark between the toes and on the sides of the sandal. These will be the holes you thread your string through. Cut the holes with the scissors. To cut a perfect hole, place one of the scissors blades on the spot you have marked and twist it in a circle.


    Figure out how long you want your string to be. Take a string and measure the length you would like it to be, by tying it around your foot and ankle as it will be when it's attached to the flip flop. The longer the string, the more times you can wrap it around your ankle. If you want two strings just cut another and add it to the first.


    Thread the string through the toe hole. Measure half way down the string and tie a knot. Thread the string back through the hole. The toe string should now be secure. You can use a small tipped screwdriver or tweezers to insert the knot into the hole.


    Tie a knot an inch and a half from the toe. Then pull the strings through the sides of the sandal and make sure the string is not too tight or loose before tying down the knot on the bottom of the side holes. Thread them through to the top, again. You can now wrap the string ties around your ankles.

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