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How to Do a Shoelace Pattern

How to Do a Shoelace Pattern

The way you lace your shoes can be an art form; an expression of your personal style that reaches all the way, quite literally, to your toes. Though, you learned the basics of tying shoes when you were young, there are various ways to make a pattern out of shoes laces that are fun to learn and will add an original look to your footwear. Though there are many shoelace patterns you can learn, one of the most popular patterns is lattice lacing, an easy and fun lacing pattern to learn.



    Insert each end of the shoestring in the bottom set of eyelets; insert them through the underside of the hole so they come out over the top of the hole. Pull the laces so that there is an equal amount of lace on each side.


    Pull the left shoelace diagonally and insert it down into the 4th eyelet hole from the bottom right. Feed that same shoelace up through the next hole, the 5th eyelet hole from the bottom, then pull it diagonally back across the shoe to the 2nd eyelet hole from the bottom on the left side of the shoe. Then, feed that hole back up through the 3rd eyelet hole from the bottom on the left side and pull it diagonally across to the 6th eyelet hole on the right, this time feeding the shoelace from the underside of the hole so it comes out the top of the shoe.


    Pull the right shoelace, still at the bottom of the shoe, diagonally across to the 4th eyelet hole up from the bottom on the left side of the shoe. Feed the string down through the 4th hole, then under and up through the 5th hole and back diagonally down through the 2nd eyelet hole on the right. Pull the string up through the 3rd eyelet hole and bring it diagonally across to the 6th eyelet, only feed it under and up through the 6th eyelet, just as you did on the left side of the shoe.

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