Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Lace Desert Boots

Desert boots are military-style boots, usually with a sturdy lug sole and an upper made of durable fabric and leather. They are a type of combat boot. They're not quite as hot as all-leather boots, so they make a good sturdy summer boot. Some styles come with a zipper up the side, but if yours need to be laced up, never fear--in just a few minutes you'll be good to hit the sand.



    Insert one end of the boot lace into one of the two bottom holes on one boot.


    Insert that end of the lace into the hole opposite the first hole.


    Pull the lace through until there are the laces sticking out from the holes are of equal lengths. You can check the length by holding both ends of the boot lace and lifting them up until there is no slack in the laces.


    Insert the left side of the lace into the next hole up on the opposite side. Pull it until there is no slack.


    Insert the right side of the lace into the next hole up on the opposite side. Pull it until there is no slack. Your laces will now look like an "X" with a horizontal line across the bottom.


    Repeat steps four and five until you reach the top set of holes. Let the ends of the laces hang loose so that you can tie them after you put the boots on.


    Repeat steps one through six with the second boot.

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