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How to Make Fluffy Raver Boots

How to Make Fluffy Raver Boots

Rave dance wear is colorful and flashy--sometimes accented with blinking neon lights. One trend is to pair a short skirt with big, fluffy boots. However, these "boots" are usually fluffy leg warmers worn over the top of a regular pair of shoes. Save money by making your own fluffy raver boots out of an old pair of leg warmers and fluffy material that matches your miniskirt.



    Put on the dance shoes of your choice and your leg warmers. Wrap the fur tight around the top of the leg warmers and pin. You want the fur to be tight around the top of your calf, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation.


    Arrange the middle and bottom of the fur so it gradually flares out around your entire foot, hiding your shoes, giving it a bell-bottom look. Pin the fur as you arrange it in a flare, and cut any excess. Leave the fur extra long -- so you are almost stepping on it as you walk. Repeat this process with your other leg.


    Remove each pin and carefully mark the material where the pin was. Remove the material and the leg warmer from your legs.


    Sew the synthetic fur along the marks you created. If you aren't good at sewing, turn the material inside out and pin with clothespins. The material is fluffy enough that it will disguise the pins.


    Secure the fur to the leg warmers by turning each one inside-out. Stretch the leg warmer over the top of the fur and overlap them by about 1 inch. Sew or secure with pins.


    Pull the leg warmers onto your legs and pull the fluffy fur up over your thigh so it turns inside out. Attach the leather strap around the top of your calf where the leg warmer attaches to the fur. This strap will keep the heavy fur from falling down when you dance. Pull the fur back over the leg warmer to hide the strap.

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