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Instructions for Duct Tape Shoe Covers

Instructions for Duct Tape Shoe Covers

Duct tape shoes covers are a unique way to protect your shoes from the outside elements. Not only are duct tape shoe covers cheap to make, but they are also fun to create, as they allow you to be artistic. Duct tape shoe covers are a sustainable approach to caring for your regular shoes by protecting them from damage, which will allow you to save money and look cool.



    Lay a sheet of cardboard on a flat surface that is 24 inches by 12 inches. Fully cover the cardboard in duct tape on both the front and the back sides of it.


    Position both of the shoes onto the cardboard, with the soles facing down, and trace the shape of the sole using the permanent maker onto it. Cut both of the sole shapes out from the cardboard once they have been traced with heavy-duty scissors. These will serve as the soles of your duct tape shoe covers. Do not discard the cardboard that is left over.


    Create shoe straps by cutting two 8-inch and two 10-inch strips of duct tape. Stick together one strip of 8-inch duct tape to another strip of the 10-inch duct tape, leaving one inch of exposed adhesive on each end. Stick the other two 8-inch and 10-inch pieces together as well, also allowing one inch of exposed adhesive to remain on each end.


    Place the two shoes over the duct tape soles and mold the strap over the front of the shoes. Tape the exposed adhesive ends under bottom of the duct tape soles. Create six other straps in the same manner, and mold three additional straps over the front of each shoe as well. Tape the other straps to the bottom of the soles until the front area of the shoes are completely covered.


    Make a back heel for each shoe cover by cutting two pieces of duct tape cardboard, that was left over from the soles. Cut a piece that is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. Mold the pieces over the back of the shoes and tape the outsides of the heels, to the bottom of each sole as well. Remove the shoes and tape the heels through the inside, allowing them to stand.


    Connect the heel and front covers of each shoe by creating side straps. Cut four strips of tape for each shoe that are 6 inches in length and four smaller strips that are 4 inches in length. Stick one strip of 6-inch tape and one strip of 4-inch tape together, leaving 1 inch of exposed adhesive to remain on each end. Tape the other 6 inch and 4 inch straps together as well, also leaving 1 inch of exposed adhesive on each end. Repeat this for each side of the shoe covers.


    Tape the straps to the inside of each corner of the heels and front parts of the covers, connecting them together. Cut three additional 1-inch strips for each side strap and tape the outside of them to the bottom of the soles to reinforce them.


    Flip the shoes over and re-tape the bottom of the shoes with additional duct tape to cover up the various pieces used to reinforce the top of the shoe cover. Place your shoes inside the cover upon completion.

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