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How to Fix Shoes That Are Too Large

How to Fix Shoes That Are Too Large

Wearing shoes that are too large for your feet can be extremely uncomfortable. The shoes also can slide around your feet, making it easier for you to trip and fall. If you don't want to purchase new shoes, you can correct these issues with a few items you already might have at your house. If your shoes are only slightly larger than your feet, it is easy to make the shoes fit better.



    Place a lift or support in the bottom of the shoe. These provide an extra layer of padding and slightly tighten the shoe around your foot.


    Insert tissue paper into the tip of your shoe. Add more until the shoe fits your foot without sliding.


    Wear thicker socks. The fabric from the socks pushes against the sides of the shoes. The thicker fabric combined with an insert can eliminate the need for tissue paper.

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