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How to Figure Out My Shoe Size

How to Figure Out My Shoe Size

Shopping for shoes today often means knowing your shoe size and serving yourself. Many shoe stores offer shelves of selections with little or no sales help. Learn how to measure your own shoe size correctly to ensure the right fit. Knowing your foot's shape and measurements give you the best chance for finding a comfortable shoe.



    Tape the paper to a hard flooring surface (not carpeting). Place a piece of tape on each corner of the paper to hold it in place. If you plan on using paint, tape a few layers of old newspaper to the floor first, then, tape the paper onto the newspaper.


    For a temporary footprint, wet the bottom of one bare foot with a damp sponge. Place this foot on the paper and lean your weight on it. Press your foot onto the paper until the wet shape clearly appears. For a permanent footprint, apply paint to the sponge and then to the bottom of your foot before stepping onto the paper.


    Mark an "X" at the topmost point of the front of your footprint (usually at the tip of the big toe). Mark another "X" at the base of the footprint at the bottommost point directly behind the heel. Mark the widest points of the footprint with an "X" on each side.


    Place the ruler horizontally (with the foot facing vertically) at the topmost "X" and draw a line measuring 2 inches long. Repeat this step for the other three pencil marks by making a horizontal line at the heel and two vertical lines on each side.


    Use the ruler to measure the distance between the top and bottom lines. Record this measurement. Measure the distance between the two widest points and record this number.


    Each footprint's vertical measurement corresponds with a specific size. A woman's foot measuring 9 inches vertically, for instance, takes a women's size 6. A woman's foot measuring 9 3/8 inches, 9 11/16 inches, or 10 inches vertically takes a women's size 7, 8, or 10, respectively). Find an online version of the shoe-sizing chart in the below resources.

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