Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Choose the Perfect Shoe for any Occasion

To make any outfit complete, you need the shoes. The type of shoe you wear can determine the overall look for a single outfit. Some people may not realize that body shape does affect the look for any shoe. From formal to casual, the perfect pair of shoes can make the difference.



    Avoid shoes with ankle straps. The only exception to this rule is if you have very long, slim legs. Ankle straps on a shoe will make legs look shorter and wider.


    Know that strappy sandals are great for evening wear, especially in the summer. If you want your legs to look slimmer, strappy sandals are the way to go. For women with bigger ankles, strappy sandals are very flattering.


    Smarten up your look with a slingback. Because this is the perfect shoe for all body types and almost every occasion, the slingback is a good standard to have.


    Consider that heels are great for lengthening your legs and can provide a more formal appearance. Your calves, ankles and butt will look more shapely in heels. If you are shorter, you should remember that anything higher than two inches will give the appearance of unease.


    Know that for any summer day, a mule is perfect. This shoe looks great with pants and skirts. Mid-heels look great on all shapes and sizes.


    Pumps that have a closed heel and toe, but are open in-between are a good compromise for most situations. It's a modest look that fits between sandals and shoes. Most outfits can be work with these pumps and can suit most leg shapes.


    Get dressed up in a closed toe heel. This is a good alternative that many women wear if they don't look of strappy sandals on their feet. This is a great glamor basic that can dress up most outfits.


    Consider that boots with a heel can smarten up any outfit. They can be worn with several outfits. If heeled boots are worn with jeans, it can create a bolder, more confident look.


    Don't forget the color. Neutral colors are good for most outfits but there are some other colors to be taken into consideration. Go for vivid colors to spice up an outfit in the evening. Shoes that match your outfit are not necessary. Go with the seasons when wearing colored shoes if you are unsure of what works best.

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