Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shoe Inserts to Make Boots Warmer

If you consistently have cold feet, or often partake in outdoor activities, you can use shoe inserts to make your feet warmer. There are a variety of types of shoe warmers: some that are battery activated or actually heated, and some that are just made of warm materials. You can find shoe warming inserts in stores, online or you can make them yourself at home.

Battery Operated

    Battery-operated shoe inserts are ideal for long exposure to cold weather, such as sporting events, hunting expeditions or fishing trips in cold weather. There are several different companies that make battery-operated shoe warmers, but all of them are made generally the same. These inserts use AA batteries to heat the insole of your shoe. The inserts fit comfortably inside the shoe and will keep your feet warm throughout the course of the day. Some companies also offer shoe warmers that heat the shaft of a boot, warming your legs as well. Battery-operated shoe warmers are made by companies such as Cozy Products, Thermo Soles and Cozy Feet.

Fuzzy Insoles

    If you are simply looking for a more permanent way to warm your feet, consider installing fuzzy inserts into your shoes. Purchase shoe-warming inserts made from natural warm materials, such as sheepskin, wool or alpaca fiber. Slip these inserts into high heels, boots or even a pair of slippers to immediately make them less drafty. You can purchase fuzzy insoles on websites such as and


    It is easy to make your own shoe warmers, as well. Go to a fabric store and purchase 2 feet of wool, lambskin or warm fleece. Remove the insole from your shoe and trace the shape onto the wool. Cut out the shape and slide them into your shoe. If you are worried about the insert slipping, use double-sided tape or fabric glue to secure it to the bottom of the shoe.

Air Activated

    There are many different types of air-activated shoe and toe warmers on the market. These inserts are low priced and disposable, but they also last longer than the battery-operated warmers. Air-activated warmers have one adhesive side that will stick to your sock. Once the foot warmer is exposed to air, it will last for several hours, slowly lessening in heat as the day goes on. These types of foot warmers can be found at sporting good stores, WalMart, Target and most drug stores.

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