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How to Wear Uggs

How to Wear Uggs

Ugg boots are cute, casual, and comfy--it's no wonder that they can be spotted being worn just about anywhere. When you buy a pair of Uggs, you'll want to wear them as often as you can. They're extremely versatile, so adding variety to your style is easy. Here are some ways to mix up your boot-wearing habits with Uggs.



    Buy a suede protector and spray it on your Uggs about once a week to protect them from water. Rain and snow can ruin the exterior and cause the color to fade. The first step to wearing Uggs is keeping them in good condition.


    Pair your Uggs with leggings for an eye-catching fall or winter look. Uggs keep your feet warm enough that the thinness of leggings won't matter much in the cold.


    Tuck the bottoms of your jeans into Uggs. This works best with straight-leg or skinny jeans, because they don't create any bulk. Ugg boots will slide right over them.


    Wear wider-legged jeans over Uggs. This won't work with jeans that fit too close to the bottom of the legs--you won't be able to fit Uggs under them.


    Fold the cuffs of your jeans to about mid-calf, or the height the tops of the Uggs reach on your leg. Put on your Uggs and adjust the folds so that they sit right at the tops of the boots. Make sure that no leg shows when you sit down. This is a good technique for shorter women, because it adds visual length to the leg.


    Create a high-comfort outfit by pairing Uggs with velour pants and a matching zip-up hoodie, or whatever top you prefer. Since most boots and other shoes are too dressy for cozy velour pants, Uggs are the perfect match for this casual look.

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