Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to Compare Athletic Shoes

How to Compare Athletic Shoes

People usually are in the market for a new pair of athletic shoes. There are many choices, but not all athletic shoes are meant for the same purpose. To weed through all of the possibilities and to narrow your choices, do an athletic shoe comparison.


Decide What Type of Athletic Shoe You Need


    Decide what type of shoe you are looking for. If you plan to run or jog, you will want to compare running shoes. If you plan to walk, then you will want to compare walking shoes. If you want an all-around fitness shoe, then compare cross-training shoes. There are athletic shoes for virtually any type of sport, so be sure to choose the shoe that will work for your needs.


    Look at several websites after doing a search to read customer reviews, get pricing and see the ratings for the shoes you want to buy. There are sites that do the comparisons. For example, you can type "running shoes" on websites, and virtually every brand of running shoe will appear for comparison. To see the actual shoes, you might want to visit the shoe manufacturer's website.


    Visit a sporting goods store to do a comfort comparison of athletic shoes in your size. Walk around the store to get a good idea of how the shoes will feel. Be sure they do not slip off the back of your feet when you walk and are not too tight in the toe area.

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