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About Ballroom Dancing Shoes

If you're not a dancer, you may think of ballet shoes as the only type of "dance" shoes out there. However, serious dance professionals know that there are shoes available for every type of dance, from tap to jazz to ballroom. Ballroom dance shoes come in a huge variety of styles, each tailored to the specific customs of a particular type of dance.


    All dance shoes, including ballroom dance shoes, are specially designed to support dancers' feet and bodies, absorb shock and allow dancers' feet to move and flex in a manner that is optimal for their style of dance. They are also designed to protect the dance floor and to keep dancers from sliding and skidding.


    There are two main types of ballroom dance shoes, one for each of the main styles of ballroom dancing (Latin and regular ballroom). Both types have suede soles, which provide superior skid protection. They are generally made with fabric uppers, which can be customized to match any costume. Ladies' shoes can have an open or closed toe, depending on the dancer's preference. However, Latin ballroom shoes tend to have higher heels than traditional ones, shifting the dancer's weight onto her toes, which complements specific dance moves in the Latin ballroom style. Additionally, Latin shoes are almost always open toed. There is less variety available in men's shoes, but male dancers can choose between lace-up or non-lacing styles, and heel heights range from one to two inches


    In addition to the two main styles, ladies' practice shoes for ballroom dancing are also available. These come in different heel heights and colors, but are normally much less flashy than competition shoes. They also tend to have a more secure fit, with laces up the front rather than straps or other decorative elements.


    With an unlimited selection of shoes available, dancers should consider their own comfort and personal preferences when choosing a shoe. For instance, shoes with a slightly wider heel may provide more stability for dancers who are less experienced or steady. Shorter men may want to choose a higher-heeled shoe to increase their height. However, competitive dancers must ensure that their shoes meet the requirements set forth by the International DanceSport Federation.


    Women with foot problems such as plantar fascitis, bunions or metatarsalgia should choose their footwear carefully; shoes with heels that are too high or toe boxes that are too narrow can aggravate symptoms. All dancers should make sure their shoes fit properly and do not cause pain or rub blisters.

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