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How to Measure a Woman's Shoe Size With a Yard Stick

The advantage of a perfectly symmetrical and average-shaped pair of feet is that you can usually find a pair of shoes straight off the shelf to fit them. However, most of us are not that lucky. If you have odd-sized feet, narrow heels, wide feet or high arches, carefully measuring your feet will help you find shoes that fit better and are more comfortable and healthful to wear.



    Lay a piece of paper on the floor and place your right foot directly on top of it in such a way that no part of your foot hangs over the edge of the paper. Wear a sock of medium thickness for this. Do not measure bare feet or shoes.


    Draw a line all the way around your foot using a pencil held straight up and down so as not to distort the shape of the outline. You may need an assistant for this if you are unable to keep your foot flat and unmoving while drawing the line.


    Repeat this procedure for the left foot.


    Make a mark at the center of the heel on each foot outline. Make another mark at the furthest point from the heel along the toes.


    Draw a line between each pair of points using the yardstick. These mark the lines where your feet are the longest. Usually the tip of the big toe is furthest away from the heel, but not always, so measure carefully.


    Measure that line for each foot and subtract inch from the total (to compensate for the actual size vs. drawn size of the foot). Write that number down because it will be used to determine your shoe size.


    Use the drawing to find the widest point of your feet by marking the two points furthest from each other across the foot and measuring a line between them. Do this for each foot.


    Subtract inch from each measurement as before and write down these numbers. This determines your shoe width.


    Use an inch-to-size table such as the one on the Palmer Shoes' website to find the appropriate shoe size and width for your feet. Remember to buy the shoe size that most closely fits your largest foot if your feet are different sizes (most people's feet are not the same size). To convert U.S. sizes to sizes used by other countries, use the calculator from Online Conversions.

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