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How to Get a Juice Stain off Your Ugg Boots

How to Get a Juice Stain off Your Ugg Boots

Ugg Australia makes boots, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. The use of authentic sheepskin is the company's trademark. Ugg attributes the soft texture of its products to a manufacturing process that includes treatment of the skin and fleece side of the sheepskin. While Ugg suggests that customers apply a protective treatment to its products to prevent stains, the company also recommends a general cleaning process for stain removal. If you need to get a juice stain out of your Ugg boots, you can follow the company's care recommendations.



    Wet the entire juice-stained boot using a gentle scrubbing motion. You can use a soft brush for this purpose.


    Scrub the entire boot with a mild soap, such as a wool cleaner. A soft brush is suitable for this cleaning step.


    Stuff the boot with a towel or other material that is dense enough to hold the boot's shape.


    Allow the boot to air dry and use a soft brush to fluff the nap of the boot.

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