Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Lace New Womens Converse Sneakers

Converse sneakers will always be in style and are available in dozens of styles, colors and limited-edition designs. New women's Converse sneakers are easy to lace up just like any other pair of shoes. Just make sure they are tied tightly and securely. After you lace them up, you can quickly tie them every time you put them on afterward.



    Open up one of the Converse sneakers by spreading each side of the shoe apart, away from the sneaker's tongue.


    Take one of the laces. Insert one end of the Converse shoelace through the bottom left eyelet of the Converse sneaker. Next take the other end of the lace and insert it through the bottom right eyelet of the Converse sneaker on the opposite side of the first eyelet.


    Bring the Converse shoelace over to the hole above the left eyelet. Insert it through this second-from-the-bottom eyelet, and lace it through. Next, bring the other end of the shoelace it to the laced eyelet that is above the first right eyelet you laced. Insert it through this second-from-the-bottom eyelet, and lace through.


    Repeat Step 3 through all the eyelets on up the Converse sneaker until you reach the top two.


    Tie the two ends of the lace into a bow or knot.

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