Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Go Sockless

How to Go Sockless

If you love shoes but not socks, it's time to consider going completely sockless and let your feet breathe. There are many reasons to go sockless: it's cool, you hate socks, you're more comfy in your shoes or you just want to make a fashion statement.



    Pick a shoe that isn't typically worn with socks. You can have bare feet with sandals, flats and flip flops. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that will show off your sockless feet.


    Wear toe covers, also called toe socks, instead of regular socks. Your toes will stay warm but you will have the illusion of barefeet inside your shoes. Only you will know that your feet are actually covered by a mini sock.


    Make a fashion statement by wearing popular sneakers without socks. Loosen the laces to let in air so your feet don't get too hot and smelly.


    Put a soft lining inside your boots if you like sockless feet in the fall, spring or winter. Make sure you add an extra warm lining if you live in a cold area. You want waterproof boots in rainy areas.


    Let your feet breathe in many other types of shoes like loafers and dress shoes. Make sure the shoes have leather soles so your feet get air.


    Wear slip ons or mules with nothing on your feet. Your feet will slip in and out as quickly as you need. These make great shoes to wear around the yard. Moccasins are real comfy and make a great indoor or outdoor shoe.


    Go sockless and shoeless by going barefoot. Be sure to keep your toenails looking nice.

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