Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Make Shoes Less Slippery

How to Make Shoes Less Slippery

So you've found the perfect pair of shoes but the problem is it is all you can do to walk in them because they are slicker than snot. This is especially a problem when you have bought them for the intentions of dancing. This is also a problem for the babies when they are learning and first starting to walk. More of a problem now since more and more people are using those glossy hard wood floors in their homes. Save the embarrassment of falling down by doing some of the following tips to your new shoes.



    Those shoes were made for walking so get them ready by lightly sanding the bottoms of the soles with some fine sandpaper. Do it lightly and slightly increase the motions if needed. You want to be careful not to damage the actual shoe but just rough up the shoe's soul so you can be light on your feet.


    If you have an extremely nice pair of shoes and are afraid to try sandpaper you need to buy some bathtub appliques. These are available at any discount department store. Some might be to big for your shoes so you can cut them down. You can also buy something similar at specialty shoe stores that are just made for shoes. If you choose to use this method I would keep extra on hand. By on hand I mean at home and when you go out. The disadvantage is that they can fall off. the advantage is that it does not do damage to your shoes.


    If you are broke, out of time or in a mad dash you can simply put tape on the bottom of the soles. Not clear tape, which is slick but masking tape, duct tape or even medical tape. You will want to apply several strips on the bottoms of your shoes. Be sure to take the tape with you. Like the bathtub appliques it can fall off fairly easy, yet it is easy to reapply to your shoes. Just be careful you show the bottoms to as tape doesn't look the best on the bottoms of your shoes.

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