Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Look Good Walking in Heels

High heels can work miracles for women at the same time being a painful sacrifice for beauty. Wearing heels will instantly make you look 10 lbs. lighter, taller, and give you a sexy swagger in addition to just looking fashionable. The key to looking sexy in heels is walking confidently in them.



    Practice walking in heels. Walk around home or short distances in heels that are only an inch or two high. Try an ankle strap until the ankle muscles strengthen. Strong ankles are necessary for wearing high heels.


    Invest in good quality heels. Cheap heels don't offer enough support and may be painful and even permanently damaging to your feet.


    Stand up straight when wearing heels and bring your chest up and out. This will help you gain control of your upper body and look confident. Hold your chin up and keep your eyes forward instead of down. Good posture alone is sexy.


    Tighten your lower abs. This will also tighten your lower back. Keep control of your torso by flexing these two areas.


    Relax in the hips and knees. Stiff legs are the most common mistake high heel wearers make. Keep control in the torso area and allow the hips and knees to follow smoothly.


    Take a normal step, putting the heel down first and ball of the foot second. Strong ankle muscles are important for balancing on the tiny 1/3-inch heel.


    Get a good, rhythmic walk going. Keep your footsteps even. Keep the toes pointed forward and steps close together. Once you feel comfortable in heels, a natural and rhythmic swing will come to your hips.

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